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Echobox Social : Donald Tusk rejects Boris Johnsons bid to remove the backstop…

Twitter Ads Composer : I think the rioters are there to cause trouble. Theyre there to create violence. And no political solution would satisfy them, Aron Harilela, chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce, said in an exclusive interview with China Daily. #HongKong #香港

Twitter Media Studio : U sad? look at my butthole

📹 kitty_fostering_oz | IG

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SocialFlow : In order to avoid Flygskam, or “flight shame”, Swedes are rethinking their travel habits

Twitter Web App : The center of our compass 🌹.

#WorldPhotoDay #WorldPhotographyDay2019

Hootsuite Inc. : Identity theft is prevalent in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an estimated 26 million people age 16 or older in the U.S. experienced some form of identity theft in 2016. For tips on protecting yourself from identity theft, visit….

SocialFlow : We asked the presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand how her decision to call for the resignation of Al Franken may have affected her campaign and her party. Listen to todays episode of The Daily.

Echobox Social : China could render US military bases useless within hours…

SocialFlow : The U.S. warned Greece against hosting the Iranian tanker released by Gibraltar, as it continues efforts to block the vessel and further drags its allies in escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran

iPhone : أين اختفت ترليونات البلد المتراكمة؟

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iPhone : This strategic project will diversify the energy mix, and support the economic, social and environmental development of Hatta. It will also achieve the goals of the Dubai Clean Energy 2050 to provide 75% of Dubai’s total power output from clean energy by 2050.

Twitter Media Studio : Congratulations to all young people selected to join the Youth #ClimateAction Summit next month!

A special message from António Guterres to all who applied - and to young people everywhere taking positive actions in your communities.…

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TweetDeck : Over 1,000 Saudi women above the age of 21 went through passport control in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province without the consent of their male guardians, according to al-Yaum newspaper.…

Twitter Web App : عاجل | قتلى وجرحى في مواجهات بين قوات المجلس الانتقالي المدعومة إماراتيا وقوات الحكومة في أبين جنوبي #اليمن

Twitter Web Client : Joe Biden has expanded his edge over the Democratic field in a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, with 29% of Democratic and Democratic-leaning registered voters saying they back him

iPhone : See you on 9/21, VEGAS!!! iHeartRadio

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Echobox Social : #Ciné Gérard Depardieu, Michel Houellebecq. Si l’on devait présenter la France à des extraterrestres, on choisirait ces deux-là. Le cinéaste Guillaume Nicloux, qui les réunit dans «Thalasso », le sait et ça l’amuse. Notre avis : à ne pas manquer 👇…

Twitter Media Studio : Sometimes we all need a push. ❤️

When little Aranza needs help, she can always count on her older brother Zadiel. Now in Brazil, these young Venezuelans will continue to rely on each other.

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Twitter Web App : An essential read on why labor unions are necessary from the perspective of a young worker who was previously anti-union. Unions are more essential than ever across animation, vfx & gaming – all industries in which workers are routinely treated like second-class citizens.…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Me on Alan Jones and free speech

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iPhone : The reason some activists apply for a Schedule 1 permit with the police is because it can act as a sort of public liability insurance if someone gets injured or something gets inadvertently damaged - you don’t actually need permission to protest. That’s our right as citizens.…

iPhone : Alan Jones condemned after calling for Jacinda Ardern to be backhanded. Made same days as sock comment. #MediaWatch #auspol…

iPhone : Day family fundraiser: please help support the Day family at court during the coronial inquest of Tanya Day 🙏🏽…

Twitter Web App : Time for me to get off the grid for much needed self - care. I’ll be taking a break from my personal social media till end of August. (Peter Dutton can you at least try to be nice till then). Thanks for all your incredible support, encouragement & kindness, you’ve been ace ❤️

iPhone : Guess shes made it this far without a stack hat, bit pointless worrying about it now 😀😀 #goinggreat…

Twitter Web App : remember when Alan Jones helped incite a race riot and nothing happened…

iPhone : Some conservatives would be horrified that I get to address high school students at all, but whats really appalling is I gave a talk to teenagers yesterday and it took me five minutes before I realised my fly was undone.

Buffer : Drew Rooke on the push to “become sovereign when it comes to our recycling as opposed to reliant on global patterns.”

iPhone : My baby brother! 👋🏾💫💫💫💫🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉…

Android : This isn’t protecting freedom, it’s the opposite.

It’s providing protection for racists to express racism while taking hands off when they cause harm.

iPhone : Enjoyed watching and then asking a few questions at tonight’s City of Melbourne committee meeting. Plenty of quality political talent representing ratepayers at the moment. None of them bit on the question of retirement or running again next year.

Twitter Web App : While Im happy that all the confusing $BCH propaganda has been deleted from Bitcoin, I still think that one person having control over an account like that is always a risk.
The whole BCH is BTC narrative confused a lot of people and made a lot of people lose money.

iPhone : 1 firefighter reported dead, 3 people missing after multiple mudslides hit Wenchuan County, SW Chinas #Sichuan Province on Tue: local authorities

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Twitter Web Client : Pertinent reading for urban planners and the general public alike as the Indonesian government prepares to build a new capital in Kalimantan. Will we learn from Brasilias mistakes?… via Curbed

Android : Takaki Komiyama It has been my observation that i t was weak men who shake hands in such a violent manner.

My rationale has been that they are, in a primitive manner, trying to assert dominance to cover their insecurities.

I might be wrong, though.

iPhone : Very few stories with a happy ending ever include the line : ‘So they went and got a ladder...’…

iPhone : Surprisingly, the glass ceiling is ranked higher than work/life balance for reasons women leave tech. Id argue the two intersect heavily. As you climb the ladder you often get more flexibility in your job, and more money allows you to buy external support…

Twitter Web App : Majestic mattress flight at Denver’s open air bed cinema gone wrong. Quite a sight.

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Twitter Web App : #NHMRC’s 8th Annual Symposium on Research Translation is excited to hear from Prof Miguel Hernán. Prof Hernán conducts research to learn what works for the treatment and prevention of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and HIV infection.
Details here:

iPhone : Thank you so much for joining us Andrew Leigh. Was such a great discussion. I know the students really found it valuable. Looking forward to sharing our findings with you come November! #listeningtour2019 #youthvoice #auspol…

iPhone : Great - note our book isn’t quite as weighty as yours ... the picture has two ours stacked on top of each other!…

iPhone : Uyghurs are sending out short, silent messages on Tiktok to tell the world about family members gone missing. They’re eery and extremely sad. A few here below, many more now said to be circulating.…