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Bio I remain skeptical about Twitter. Also: White House reporter for @washingtonpost. @MSNBC and @NBCNews senior political analyst. And @nytimes alum.
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iPhone : At a Senate GOP luncheon this week, McConnell warned his colleagues against calling witnesses.

“Mutually assured destruction,” he said…

TweetDeck : Hershey, Pa. — Tonight is Trump's first rally since his campaign banned Bloomberg reporters from attending. But —for now — the policy seems loosely enforced. The Bloomberg reporter in the WHCA pool arrived on Air Force One, and is currently sitting w the rest of the press pool.

TweetDeck : Julie Mason Yes, covering Romney in 2012 in a hoodie, a sleeping bag parka, bangs I had yet learned to blow dry, with 15-20 additional pounds (depending on the week, and how many "slunches" I'd consumed), and generally covered in crumbs and coffee stains... I relied heavily on sex appeal.

TweetDeck : Simultaneously intrigued by #RichardJewell Twitter and stunned that in 2019, the self evident truth that FEMALE REPORTERS DO NOT SLEEP WITH THEIR SOURCES still bears repeating.

iPhone : In a nod to VP Pence’s possible political ambitions, one man is holding a homemade “Pence 2024” sign here at Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 128 in Rochester, Pa.

iPhone : Did you think Trump’s NATO trip contained some... unconventional notes? Here, we offer you a taxonomy to some of Trump’s more memorable moments abroad—>…

iPhone : To be fair to Trump, he hold three impromptu news conferences Tuesday for a total of two hours and one minute. But his decision to cancel his news conference comes after being publicly mocked by his global peers.

iPhone : And there you have it. Trump — mocked by world leaders in a global huddle caught on video — is now heading home without a press conference.…

iPhone : "Our reporting on Ms. Harris showed two factors here: She did not have a guiding political ideology herself, and the organizational problems meant that, as one staff member told me, the message was up to “whoever won the next argument.”…