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Bio ⭐⭐⭐⭐ He knows how to make you take notice – The Times. NOW OPEN! 🐰🎈 🩰 🏀 #JeffKoonsOxford includes 14 works which have never been to the UK before. Ends 9 June
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Twitter Web Client : Rembrandt in Print will feature an exclusive selection of prints from the Ashmolean Museum Never displayed together before, these hand-picked prints are ‘the-best-of-the-best’ & show the full scope of Rembrandt’s ability. Opens 1 June #rembrandt350 #wirral

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Hootsuite Inc. : At this months Ashmolean After Hours, weve got a special wedding showcase event for new-engaged couples! Join us for a glass of sparkling wine, speak to an event planner and take a tour of the spaces for hire. Spots are limited, so book now:

Hootsuite Inc. : “He changed the way we see the world...” Read more in Roberta Smith's piece on Jeff Koons, and see some of his most iconic works on display at the Ashmolean until 9 Jun -->…

Hootsuite Inc. : “Reflection affirms the viewer. It affirms the right here, right now, and from that point you can start to time travel. You can play with metaphysics” See Gazing Ball (Silenus with Baby Dionysus) in Jeff Koons at the Ashmolean until 9 Jun -->

Hootsuite Inc. : Landscape by Albrecht Dürer, who was born #onthisday in 1471. While most of his work consisted of oil paintings and woodcut engravings, Dürer also painted a number of watercolour landscapes in his travels to and from Italy, particularly in the Alps of southern Tyrol, Italy

Hootsuite Inc. : The Madonna on the Crescent by Albrecht Dürer, born #onthisday in 1471. Dürer established his reputation and influence across Europe very early on due to his high-quality woodcut prints, and is credited with bringing the Renaissance to Northern Europe

Hootsuite Inc. : German artist Albrecht Dürer was born #onthisday in 1471. A number of works by Dürer are currently on display in our FREE exhibition, Dimensions, to represent 3D in 2D. With a thorough understanding of geometry, he was able to represent perspective with startling effect

Hootsuite Inc. : Today is the first #WorldBeeDay! 🐝 This little bee is buzzing around a cherry blossom on a 19th-century Chinese fan by artist Chen Fen

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Hootsuite Inc. : There are still tickets remaining for our symposium about the naked form in Chinese art on Wed 22 May. Join experts in the field, including artist Qu Leilei, for a selection of talks on the style, reception and development of the subject. Book now:…

Hootsuite Inc. : This artwork is a collaborative piece by a group of literati artists and calligraphers. Literati enjoyed getting together to paint or write over a drink of sake, and the works were valued more for their confirmations of friendship than for their aesthetic qualities #FriendsMW

Hootsuite Inc. : Two more prints from Ogata Gekkos 1891 series Comparison of the Customs of Beauties depict friends playing a game together and a pair of friends dressing in kimono #MuseumWeek #FriendsMW

Hootsuite Inc. : This painting by Thomas de Critz shows John Tradescant the Younger with a man called Roger Friend and an impressive (if not precariously stacked) collection of exotic shells. See it on display in Gallery 2 #MuseumWeek #FriendsMW

Hootsuite Inc. : T.E. Lawrence, who died #onthisday, worked closely with Emir Faisal (later King of Iraq) during his time in the Arab army. On his suggestion, he adopted the Arab dress which included this traditional khanjar, or dagger. See Lawrence of Arabias robes on display in gallery 5

Hootsuite Inc. : This print from Comparison of Customs of Beauties, a series of prints by Ogata Gekko c.1891, features three friends playing music together #MuseumWeek #FriendsMW

Hootsuite Inc. : T. E. Lawrence, also known as #LawrenceOfArabia, died #onthisday in 1935. Robes worn by Lawrence while he was with the Arab army, along with Lawrence’s sandals, a gold ring set with a white sapphire, and a dagger (khanjar) with gold filigree handle, are on display in Gallery 5

Hootsuite Inc. : Roman statesman and philosopher Cicero and his two friends, Atticus and Quintus, at his villa at Arpinum - an oil on canvas painting by Richard Wilson c. 1769–1770. See it on display in Gallery 49 #MuseumWeek #FriendsMW