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Android : When Jinnah was charged with bigotry, he drew an analogy b/w himself and a man who came on the street with an umbrella only to be scorned by crowd.
"You may laugh at me but time will soon come when you will not only understand what umbrella is but use it to the advantage of you"…

Android : Kobe talking about Gianna literally just broke my heart

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Android : There is literally an award winning film in the country your party governs that is being blocked for release by fanatical mobs. How about investing in Pakistan yourselves instead of telling Netflix why India sucks?…

Android : according to this guy, maulvis rape kids as a form of protest against an unjust world.

i've heard a lot of shit on this site, but this is something else.…

Android : what kinda backwarded shi’ism u following bro? someone report this account for spewing nonsense lmao…

Android : Family of madrassa student sexually assaulted by a cleric, accuses the North Star of the Resistance and the shining symbol of procedural democracy Mufti #Kifayatullah, of threatening them with dire consequences if they don't settle the case out of court.…

Android : We always think we have so much time. The news about #KobeBryant is a sad reminder of how precious yet small our time here is. Condolences to his fans, friends and family.

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