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Bio @ESA astronaut. ISS Exp 42/43 Book in Italian In German out on 2 Sep: In English in 2020! Proceeds to @Unicef.
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Android : A l'occasion du 50e anniversaire d'#Apollo11 et parce que seulement 15% des astronautes dans le monde sont des femmes, Mattel a proposé à 4 jeunes filles de rencontrer Samantha Cristoforetti... #BriserLePlafondDesRêves #TuPeuxÊtreToutCeQueTuVeux #Barbie…

Android : 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the 1st Moonlanding. Today, only 15% of astronauts worldwide are women. To inspire change, Mattel gave four girls the chance to meet real-life ESA astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. #Apollo50th #MoreRoleModels #CloseTheDreamGap…

Android : 👩‍🚀Mädchen aus #Deutschland, #Großbritannien, #Frankreich & #Italien trafen ESA-Astonautin Samantha Cristoforetti im Europäischen #Astronautenzentrum in Köln. Dort befragten sie Samantha zu ihrem außergewöhnlichen Job. Das Video dazu ist Teil des Mattel-Barbie Dream Gap Projekts.

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Android : Il 2019 segna il 50imo anniversario dell'allunaggio. Ad oggi, solo il 15% degli astronauti nel mondo sono donne. Per ispirare il cambiamento, Mattel ha dato a quattro giovani ragazze la possibilità di incontrare ESA Samantha Cristoforetti -Il VIDEO in italiano……

TweetDeck : #ISS #timelapse #fromspace
Flickering Italy (16 Jun 2019) 🇮🇹

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Android : We don’t yet know where methane on Mars comes from. A leading idea is that methane on Mars is being released from underground reservoirs created by past biology. But sometimes, methane is a sign of geology rather than biology. Learn more:…

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Android : Less than an hour to splash-up... time to return to the surface and rejoin the "topsiders".
Looking forward to seeing the sunlight and have a hot shower, but I will miss Aquarius. #Neemo23…

Android : Our underwater adventure is coming to an end. We're breathing oxygen & slowly coming back to the surface... pressure-wise.
Tomorrow around noon the pressure will be increased again rapidly to allow us to reopen the hatch, don our scuba gear & quickly swim to the surface #Neemo23…

Twitter Media Studio : And this is the perspective from the outside with Csilla leaving Aquarius yesterday. We spent the morning measuring metabolism of sponges on the reef. Our crewmate Shirley is the Principal Investigator of that research project. #NEEMO23

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Twitter Media Studio : This is our wet porch and Jessica staging out. After helmet donning and checks, we can simply walk out into the sea. #NEEMO23

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Twitter Media Studio : Cant believe this is already our last day of work before starting 15+ hours of decompression in the late afternoon.
Still time for one last short 2-hour EVA for each of us this morning. Early start to be out by 8am! #NEEMO23