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Hootsuite Inc. : The “how” of your career plan is pretty easy to solve for, but the “why” is less straightforward. Here’s the key to planning a career that's authentically you.

Hootsuite Inc. : These TV bosses can teach us some important concepts about team motivation (note: we're not advising you to follow their lead 😉).

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Twitter Web App : Being a well-rounded person doesn’t pay any more — here’s what does

Hootsuite Inc. : When you work in a team, you grow as an individual.

Hootsuite Inc. : We’re at Kubernetes Forum in Sydney today! Stop by the Atlassian booth, G3, and check out our speaking session to hear what we're doing with Kata Containers on Kubernetes. #K8sforum

Hootsuite Inc. : Empathy might be the most important (and most needed) force in the workplace today. We can practice it in these 3 ways.

Hootsuite Inc. : Maximize your efficiency at work with these 5 psychological techniques 🧠

Hootsuite Inc. : Teams create change, influence others, and build things that make the world a better place 🌏 Were launching our inaugural Team Awards honoring excellence in teamwork, and winners receive free passes + travel to #AtlassianSummit! Nominate your team here:

Twitter Web App : Want to be a great communicator? Break these 4 bad habits:

Hootsuite Inc. : Want your company to be more innovative? Ban these buzzwords.

Hootsuite Inc. : We’ll be at #GartnerIO in Las Vegas today and tomorrow talking about the future of IT! Drop by Booth #535 for a product demo to see which of our IT solutions are the right fit for your team.

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Hootsuite Inc. : Set yourself a goal to never leave a meeting knowing the same things you knew when you entered, and see what happens...

Hootsuite Inc. : Looking for inspirational stories on the potential of teamwork? Want to get in-depth training on popular Atlassian products? Join us in Vegas for Summit 2020. Book your tickets now for Early Bird pricing! #AtlassianSummit

Twitter Web App : Doing the easy stuff before the hard stuff feels good, but gives a false sense of progress.

Tackle the hard things first.

But break projects into small milestones to get that "completion high" while still achieving long-term goals.