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Twitter Lite : I'm not tryna pressure you
just caint stop thinking abt you

Twitter Lite : been tryna keep it low
keep em all on that "need to know"

Twitter Lite : i miss someone who prolly ain't een thinking abt me......

Twitter Lite : if you have to ASK me, if i trust you then the answer is gonna be No.

Twitter Lite : & i have a feeling it was this guy with 27k followers, viewing my story but hella bent...

Twitter Lite : LMFAO SO! someone reported me for intellectual content... Im sure it wasnt the artist of the song bc the artist DOESNT HAVE AN INSTAGRAM lol.
so, how abtttttt. yall hoes stop getting mad for content that applies to you when it wasnt even ABT YOU?
this was cute tho.

Twitter Lite : The universe is constantly conspiring to give you everything you want. You just have to stop underestimating the power of simply withdrawing your energy from a personal situation or relationship. Time to start sacrificing the habits that are standing in the way of your success