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SocialFlow : "Do you have any more ideas?"
"What can I get away with?"

Rita, Sue and Andrea Too - A tragi-comic drama based on accounts of the life and career of Andrea Dunbar:

SocialFlow : "The Moon, inconstant in appearance but constant in presence, is often seen but rarely looked for."

Oliver Morton's (Oliver Morton) portrait of our nearest neighbour, ranging across art, myth and science:

SocialFlow : "A man with a mouthguard in a balaclava dribbles into a bag of shopping."
"Naked paint-dripping band members anointing the audience with wet clay."
"A film showing bright pink bottoms sitting on Victoria sponge cakes."

New Weird Britain:

SocialFlow : "Shall we start with a happy ending? I made it. I rose."

Lowborn - Kerry Hudson's extraordinary memoir explores what it really means to be poor in Britain today:

TweetDeck : Radio 3's splendid Words and Music is a #Bloomsday special - Milton, Shakespeare, Pope, The Dubliners, Bach, Radiohead (and James Joyce himself, natch)…

SocialFlow : This week’s #R4Appeal is on behalf of Vision Care for Homeless People, VCHP, which brings its eye care services to homeless and other vulnerable people. The appeal is made by poet John Hegley. Find more information, and donate, here:

SocialFlow : When married women were asked if they are happy – if their husbands were out of the room – they admitted to being miserable. But how accurate were the results?

More or Less - Are married women flipping miserable?

SocialFlow : He's behind you! No, really, you should probably check...

Panto season turns deadly for actor turned amateur sleuth Charles Paris:

SocialFlow : I said I don’t do bhangra either! The musician Nitin Sawhney on the assumptions made by record companies in the early days of his career. He talks to Lauren Laverne to share his #desertislanddiscs

SocialFlow : Walking with a sympathetic listener can be very helpful...
Some excellent writing tips from the wonderful Mossie Keyes

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SocialFlow : It's #Bloomsday! Walk through James Joyce's Dublin with us.

SocialFlow : This is the fascinating story of how the women of one village use their hairstyles as a dating code.

SocialFlow : It's why we're all delighted by your current choice of cardigan.

Schadenfreude: why you get a kick out of others' misfortunes:

SocialFlow : In A Trespasser's Guide to the Classics, the comedy troupe Peepolykus assume the roles of minor characters in great works of fiction – and derail the plot of the book through their hapless buffoonery. 📚

SocialFlow : We know you have a choice of quiz shows hosted by David Attenborough about the famed animal impersonator Percy Edwards, but we hope you choose this quiz show hosted by David Attenborough about the famed animal impersonator Percy Edwards:

SocialFlow : "Being able to crack open a couple of tins, pour them into a pan, and 15 minutes later you’ve got a fantastic dinner. We’d all like that once or twice a week wouldn’t we?”

Jack Monroe (Jack Monroe): Why we should cook more with tinned food

SocialFlow : "If you're a writer of colour, you're only supposed to write about what people imagine to be your self."

Monica Ali explores the challenges faced by writers of colour: