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iPhone : Koto ward in Tokyo (where I am) just issued an emergency alert. Advises evacuation for all buildings with fewer than 3 floors due to risk of flooding. Came directly to my phone. #TyphoonHagibis

iPhone : Remember PM told Tory MPs a couple of weeks ago that any who voted against a deal would suffer same fate as those who defied Govt over no deal. Might be focusing minds? #brexit #deal?

iPhone : At risk of sounding like a five year old, but it would not be FAIR to cancel this match #RWC19…

iPhone : “There will not be a situation where one party has a veto over any element of this situation,” says Julian Smith MP - retreating slightly from PM’s original consent proposal re Stormont lock? But won’t go into detail about possibility instead of NI getting a referendum on Eu rules

iPhone : “Both govts seem to be on the track of coming to an accommodation...” says a coy Julian Smith MP - he won’t go into detail but says pathway to accommodation “gives me great heart”. Says he’s spoken to the PM since the meeting earlier

iPhone : This is what past few weeks have been about. Downing St demonstrating they’re prepared to do anything - shut down Parliament, kick out Tory MPs, no deal, break the law. Everyone grabs at lifeboat of a deal? #brexit…

iPhone : Odds may still be against a #Brexit deal but in the words of one senior Govt official “there are no two men on earth who want a deal more than Leo Varadkar and Boris Johnson”

iPhone : Can we agree on a official title for this summit? The Wirral Pathway Declaration? The Merseyside Summit? The Cheshire Customs and Consent Chat?