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iPhone : Tomorrow on #r4today: Wellcome Trust stumps up the cash to begin sequencing the first of 66,000 key species living on the British Isles – stage one of an even more ambitious plan to sequence all life on Earth

SocialFlow : You gave up the ultimate white male supremacy.

Caitlyn Jenner talks about how her transition has been received.

Listen to Don’t Tell Me The Score with @SimonMundie on BBC Sounds 🎧

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SocialFlow : "I still think there's a chance of a leave alliance being put together"

But could the Brexit Party divide the leave vote? Listen back 📲 🎧 to our interview with Nigel Farage #r4today

SocialFlow : Science Journal @Nature has a weekly print circulation of 52,000 copies split into three geographic regions. The Americas is 51%. With UK/Europe being 27% more than Asia/Rest of the World, how many print copies are in UK/Europe? #r4today Bobby Seagull…

SocialFlow : Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage says he "still thinks there is a chance of a leave alliance being put together," and will run 600 candidates unless Boris Johnson "makes some real changes" to his deal #r4Today

TweetDeck : Please email in what really matters to you this election at with the subject "Off the Grid"! #r4Today #GE2019 📻🔽…

SocialFlow : "I don't think it's any secret that he has differed on positions of policy and he doesn't like Jeremy" - shadow cabinet minister Rebecca Long-Bailey reacts to Ian Austin calling Jeremy Corbyn "unfit" to be PM. Corbyn is a "patriot, as we all are" #r4Today

SocialFlow : Do we need a new emoji to call out online abuse? 🤔

Former defence secretary Penny Mordaunt hopes the #GoodManners campaign will help tackle internet trolls.


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SocialFlow : I cant believe it has come to this.

Ex-Labour, now Independent, MP Ian Austins emotional appeal for voters to back Boris Johnson over Jeremy Corbyn in the General Election.

#r4Today | | Nick Robinson

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TweetDeck : Sir Mark Rowley - Extremists will see divisions and tensions in certain communities and exploit heated debate about Brexit to their own ends to try and draw people into their perverted extreme views of the world #r4today

SocialFlow : Jeremy Corbyn is completely unfit to lead our country, completely unfit to lead the Labour party

Ex-Labour, now independent MP Ian Austin urges Labour voters to support Boris Johnson. He will not stand in this election.

#r4Today | | Nick Robinson

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TweetDeck : One of Gordon Brown's closest allies Ian Austin tells
BBC Radio 4 Today "decent traditional patriotic Labour voters" should vote Tory. He tells me "I'm not a Tory but I wouldn't say Boris Johnson is unfit to be our prime minister in the way that I say that about Jeremy Corbyn."

SocialFlow : Coming up: Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson quits, Ian Austin (0709), as the election turns to the economy, Rebecca Long-Bailey (0810). Could the Brexit Party help Remain? Nigel Farage (0750). Also, artist Celia Paul on life beyond Lucian Freud (0820) #r4Today

iPhone : Tomorrow on #r4today: Matt Hancock promises whole genome sequencing for every new born child. Sounds great, and is certainly good news for researchers, but will patients see any immediate clinical benefit?

SocialFlow : Listen back to our interview with Tory chairman James Cleverly 📱🎧 He discusses Jacob Rees-Mogg's comments on Grenfell and whether the Tories published fake news about Labour #r4today

SocialFlow : Every post, without fail therell be at least 6-10 comments you have to take down

@watfordfc captain Troy Deeney says he and his family receive racist abuse online every day. Its very difficult to ignore it

#r4Today | @bbcNickRobinson

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