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Twitter for iPad : President Trump: "Christmas is a celebration of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

Twitter for iPad : When honest scholars document the history of the presidencies of Obama vs Trump:The only conclusion that will be evident will be that an Alpha male took charge,and corrected the intentional misdeeds,mismanagement,machinations of a celebrated etstrongenized fueled, Soy Male.

Twitter for iPad : As we near the night when we celebrate the birth of the Saviour, please take time to listen to the growing crescendo of prayer that is beginning to turn the tide of the forces of heaven. Remember we don’t wrestle against flesh n blood ,but demonic activities in ppl,gov’t,regions.

Twitter for iPad : 😡Antifa Beats 2 Marines😡
#2InnocentMarines Beaten to a Pulp by #Antifa, What #Lawyer Says In Court Leaves #Judge Fuming....
chicksonright.com/youngconservat… via @@youngcons

Twitter for iPad : China: more than 100 police and government officials raided a children’s Bible class. Shut down the church.

China is a major violator of human rights. West ignores b/c they want to do business with them.