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Android : 결국, 마주해야 하는 것은 어제와는 다른 폭풍 그 가운데를 뚫고 나아가는 것, 두려움 없이 사랑하는 것, 망설임과 이별하는 것, 나 자신으로 살아가는 것.


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詳細→ bts-official.jp/news/detail.ph…

iPhone : Cop or Drop

#HeartForLike❤️ #BT21 #BigHeadHat #ComingSoon

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Twitter Web App : Culture
Sexual orientation

Our differences make us unique.

On #FriendshipDay, join @bts_twt to spread respect, support and kindness 💌. Together, we can #ENDviolence. #BTSLoveMyself

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Twitter Web App : [V LIVE] 연두에 대한 질투심 맥스를 찍은 설이🤯👿 이젠 거짓말까지 서슴치 않는데😰💦 꼬리는 길면 밟히는 법...🤭🤥 설이 괜찮은걸까요...⁉️‼️ 얽히고 설킨 이 모든 이야기를 지금 바로 확인해보세요


#일진에게찍혔을때 #V_ORIGINAL #VLIVE

Twitter Web App : The Strange Mode Challenge event has been finished.
We have contacted the winners, please check your in-game message box!
Thank you very much for joining.

For details, please visit the website!
Website link : vrsquare.kr/eng/about/abou…

Twitter Web App : [NOTICE]
New <Hyung Line> Cards have joined BTS WORLD!
Find these spirited members in-game!

★Event Draw card rates increased!★
Event Duration : 8/22 15:00(KST) - 8/29 14:00
[Go to Notice]

Sprout Social : We caught up with Woodstock 50th Anniversary author Mike Greenblatt (mike greenblatt) learn more about what it was really like to be at #Woodstock, how we can apply the fests activist mindset today, which acts blew him away and more.

Tweetlogix : #조권 #Jokwon 📺
오늘 22일 (목) 밤 11:35 PM - mbc 섹션tv 연예통신
👉🏻 naver.me/xAZGGDZu

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iPhone : 좀 더 길고 싶었는데 평이 좋지 못하고 수염이 필터 건 거 같아서 시원하니 밀어버렸어...안녕 내 비루한 수염들아..

Sprinklr : Calling it the 1st major tie up its type, Ford Mobilitys cloud subsidiary announced “a strategic partnership” with Ayro Inc., a designer and manufacturer of electric light-duty vehicles on.forbes.com/6019ENCJR

Twitter Web App : Welcome to the fam, CJ! (We cant wait for Season 42❤️) #JSFamilyVacation pic.twitter.com/CUUM5MavAB

iPhone : The Amazon Rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks straight and it’s only just being spoken about. Please, help raise awareness of the death and destruction of many types of wildlife. It’s only a matter of time before the whole rainforest is gone. #PrayforAmazonia

Instagram : 오늘도 유난스튜디오는 북적북적 합니다~
많이들 놀러 오셔요:)

#날보러와요#스튜디오유난스럽다 instagram.com/p/ByCFLVKgfx_/…

iPhone : what songs do you want to see us perform on tour! thechainsmokers.com

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Android : 1k retweets and Ill drop the remix 🦅🐶

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Twitter Web App : I don’t know a lot about science, but I do know that allowing massive destruction of the #AmazonRainforest is terrible. Here are some ideas how to help. ellen.tv/2Zo9iwC

iPhone : ALSO VANCOUVER LETS GOOO!!!! GET THE LAST TICKETS BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!!! 💗⭐️💝💖💕 twitter.com/commodorevcr/s…

Twitter Media Studio : #NBT alum Why Don’t Wes new single comes out tonight at midnight! Get ready by watching Corbyn • WHY DON’T WE play #WhatAmI!

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iPhone : There was worldwide outcry when the Notre Dame cathedral was on fire. Why is there not the same level of outrage for the fires destroying the #AmazonRainforest?

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Twitter Web App : .@LauvSongs is running things for Ryan Seacrest on #AT40 this weekend and he’s bringing his box of Blue Thoughts...So, get him your thoughts or fan questions now! #LauvOnAT40

Twitter Web App : 석진 22년 8월 30일

스메랄도 꽃다발을 내려다봤다. 그녀가 나를 향해 웃는 모습을 떠올렸다. 그녀가 웃으면 내가 조금 더 나은 사람이 되는 것 같았다. 나는 좋은 사람이 되고 싶었다.

#화양연화_ARTTOY #석진

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Twitter Web App : Turbos a thirsty boi

Im now on TikTok

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Twitter Web App : -쉽고 편한 우리말을 찾아서 퍼나르기 행사-
게시물을 여러분의 누리소통망(블로그, 트위터, 페이스북, 인스타그램)에 올려 주세요. 추첨하여 음료 교환권을 드립니다!
올린 게시물의 경로, 이름, 전화번호를 우리말 다듬기 블로그(blog.naver.com/areumkor) 해당글에 비밀 댓글로 남겨 주세요.

Instagram : Come out today between 4&7 for the Marley Waters Pop-Up release event hosted by Dash Radio at dreamhotels #hollywood rsvp with link in bio!! #ChasingTheSun drops at Midnight🌚🌝 @ Dream Hollywood instagram.com/p/Bz3g3rvh_5O/…

Android : 분명히 더 나은 삶을 만난다. 그 시간은 다가오고 있고 나도 매일 다가가고 있다

SnappyTV.com : [#MusicBank Admins weekly pick ❤️🎵] Admin picked #CIX AS THE BEST STAGE PERFORMANCE OF THIS WEEK! #MovieStar CIX #kpop

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Twitter VIT App for iOS : Q: Who said they were going to put their hands around your throat?! 😮
- Superjane


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iPhone : 😎

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Android : #불을끄고별을켜다🌟
잠시 후 9시!
딱 5분 만 💡불을 꺼주세요!

🕯8.22(목) 21:00~21:05

제16회 #에너지의날 을 맞아 전국 동시 5분간 자율적으로 #소등 하는 캠페인을 실시합니다.


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Twitter Web App : Weve made it to Tuscaloosa and we cant wait for our show tonight! #PTXTheWorldTourTUSC #PTXTheWorldTour

iPhone : Dive into one of my live shows in VR 180! Check it out: youtu.be/-tW87CY1Bw8

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Twitter Ads : Its a double Lana feature! Check out Lana Del Reys 2-in-1 video for Fuck It I Love You & The Greatest now.
▶️ youtu.be/LrSX_OcpeJg

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Instagram : 🗣 Explosive. Playful. Youthful. 즐거운 에너지 속에서 즐거운 창작을 했습니다. 결과물을 기다려주세요~~!! @ Slauson station (Silver Line) instagram.com/p/B1XscpdJ0BC/…

Buffer : 오늘을 사랑하기 위한 진솔한 기록
브링 더 소울: 다큐 시리즈

🎞️ bringthesouldocuseries.com


iPhone : It’s #VMA voting time on the MTV IG story! Vote #Sucker for Song of Summer!! Let’s gooooo 🍭

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Twitter Web App : also (no wink involved here) we’re taking a break from the decades to do a Back-to-School #SNLVintage drop! Watch the sketches this Saturday on YouTube 🔜

Twitter Web App : Oh oh-oh! 30 years of being our Cover Girls and after all this time, you’re still our everything. #30YearsOfCoverGirl ❤️ youtu.be/r5d0T015ZA4 pic.twitter.com/txJYvmlDnO

Android : #BTS_ARMYPEDIA_굿즈

아미피디아는 아직 끝나지 않았어요🙌
현장에서 데려오지 못한 굿즈는 빅히트샵에서
👉 bit.ly/2UuvaQ9

#엽서세트 #코스터 #키링 #퍼즐

iPhone : RIAA CEO Mitch Glazier advice to other content providers based on recording industrys experience: License to everyone even if it’s hard. Let platforms differentiate themselves to consumers. #TPIAspen (2/2)

iPhone : my favorite human beings

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