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Bio Unhealthy sports-talk obsession... HQ clips from Colin Cowherd, Mad Dog Russo, Boston and N.Y. radio, Rich Eisen, SVP, Ben Maller, etc. #Sopranos #BreakingBad
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Twitter Web Client : SVPs 1 Big Thing - Missing the Masters. ⛳️

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Twitter Web Client : Mike Ehrmantraut is cooler than you, but dont feel bad about that. Mike Ehrmantraut is cooler than everybody.

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Twitter Web Client : These days? Nothing. I don't envy sports-talk hosts who have no sports to talk about. They aren't digging ditches for a living.... I get it. But it's not easy coming into work every day when your go-to topic is "Mount Rushmore of ice cream flavors."…

Twitter Web Client : Reminds me of my favorite Twilight Zone episode, only these guys slept for 100 years. Good way to kill 25 minutes if you've never seen it. I apologize, the only free version I could find has Spanish subtitles. Just ignore it.

Twitter Web Client : Mad Dog has a very feasible solution for our boredom.

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Twitter Web Client : Peter King: If Joe Burrow is clearly the top QB on their board, the #Dolphins should trade four number one picks to move up from #5 to #1.

Rich Eisen Show

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