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Tweetbot for Mac : Stonekettle Is this my chance to talk to you about the forbidden oxygen line [OIII] at 0.507 microns common in very low density nebulae but not on Earth which is why astronomers thought they had found a new element?

Tweetbot for Mac : Heard the dog barking her head off outside. I look out my window and see this. I don’t blame her.

Tweetbot for Mac : If you were watching the aborted ULA launch last night, here’s some info for you (the flames were normal). via Emily Lakdawalla…

Tweetbot for Mac : Per the starboard booster ignites at T-7s and the other two at T-5s. Some of the flame we saw was 'hydrogen burnoff sparklers' which are there so any leaking hydrogen doesn't build up, they go on at T-12s.

Tweetbot for Mac : Resetting the countdown clock to T-4 minutes and holding. It may yet be a while until launch. Stand by…

Tweetbot for Mac : Oh right! Angelenos and others, launch is 15 past the hour. Should be pretty dang bright.…

Tweetbot for Mac : United Launch Alliance’s live broadcast of the Delta 4-Heavy countdown and launch has started. Watch live as the rocket counts down to blastoff at 8:15pm PST (11:15pm EST; 0415 GMT) on the first nighttime Delta 4-Heavy flight from California:…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Super-cold liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen are now flowing into the Delta 4-Heavy’s three first stage boosters at Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. The rocket is counting down to liftoff with a top secret US government satellite.…

Tweetbot for iΟS : Zack Stentz Top ten, I think. Cows jumping through binoculars sight in Top Secret is my fave sight gag. Top ten list would be fun.