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Twitter Web App : Fucking a young boy!
What a pleasure meeting always such cuties and be able to fuck them! THX

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iPhone : Turns out that the only thing better than a blooper reel is a blooper reel featuring puppets!

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iPhone : I just joined Tik Tok and I don’t know how it works but people’s videos make me laugh that I didn’t want to miss out anymore!

Twitter Web App : haivng stress diarrhea into a handful of Kleenex

Tweetbot for iΟS : I love telling my enemy ahead of time just how much I will limit myself in our coming confrontation.

iPhone : I can’t watch The Masked Singer because I am afraid that one of the masked singers will remove their mask and it will be me and the Masked Singer Me will stare into the camera and the Me Watching At Home will look at my hands and they will begin to fade away.

Twitter Web App : Amon Warmann Greatest action film and homo-erotic thrill ride of all time. Cant go wrong. That shivering Mark Isham score. Trascendent. None better.…

iPhone : Oh myyy.😳What sorcery is this?

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iPhone : The last three presidents slaughtered hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent people. They illegally spied on all US citizens. They bankrupted the greatest nation in the history of the world. None of this led to impeachment. But this phone call is the real scandal.

iPhone : The world is changing.

Not ONLY through actions, but even - slowly - through how such actions are reported...