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🌊JBs Daughter #1 🆘️🇺🇸

Bio Attention K-Mart Shoppers: Its double white day...crime pays for white guys who committed white-collar crime! Right, orange jackass?
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iPhone : ARIZONA!!!!!

You must register
AS A DEMOCRAT by this Tues 2/18 to vote in the primary on 3/17.

The CNN Debate will be held in Arizona on 3/15 (which will motivate a lot of voters)...

BUT if you arent registered by 2/18 it’s too late!

iPhone : Wouldnt you think there exists at least a spark of goodness in this man? No...hes every bit as evil as DJT!

As key priorities gather dust, McConnell makes time for anti-abortion bills flip.it/Uhq8aU

iPhone : As a survivor of sexual assault, I find it utterly grotesque that these thoughts percolated in the perverted mind of a future presidential candidate — Bernie Sanders. So offensive I can scarcely describe how it makes me feel. How it must make all women & men who love women feel. twitter.com/timobrien/stat…

Twitter for iPad : SILENCE BREAKERS ON WEINSTEIN: ‘Silence Breakers,’ a group of women who spoke out about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual misconduct, are speaking at a press conference following Weinstein’s guilty verdict twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1…

iPhone : A clarion call for the media. A wakeup call for citizens. We must demand more from journalists and journalism. We would do well to heed the call. The future of this great nation is at stake.

#wtp2020 twitter.com/Salon/status/1…

Android : I’m a cancer survivor, a single mother and a teacher. I never just dreamed of being successful-I worked for it. Now I’m working to replace Mike Kelly. This is going to take a significant grassroots effort to win.
Can you RT and follow to get us to 10k?

iPhone : ICYMI🔥Michael Cohen confirms he paid tech firm to rig polls and says Trump directed him to do it - MarketWatch marketwatch.com/story/michael-…

Twitter for iPad : Dan Wayment Thank you so much for your support.
You understood l was truly trying to
have a kind/respectful dialog.
Attempt to maybe listen,learn from
each other.
After all the enemy’s Trump not
each other.
We share the same message let’s treat
each other w/kindness there’s been
enough hate.

Android : Hey Boomers 65 and older!

ABC has a casting call out for people 65 and older who are looking for serious committed relationships to participate in a dating game show!

What do you think of the idea?



Twitter Web App : Trump has sabotaged Americas response to the coronavirus pandemic. In May 2018, Trump ordered the NSC’s entire global health security unit shut down. Neither the NSC or DHS epidemic teams have been replaced. #TrumpIsUnfit
#wtpTEAM foreignpolicy.com/2020/01/31/cor…

Twitter Web App : “The president emptied that job two years ago and never filled it.



politicususa.com/2020/02/24/rac… via PoliticusUSA

Twitter for iPad : Given that McConnell won’t allow votes on House bills, the House should spend all day, every day carpet-bombing the administration w/oversight subpoenas to investigate the rampant executive branch corruption. Barr won’t investigate executive branch crime. SOMEONE’S GOTTA DO IT!

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Android : I felt both anger and sadness as I wrote this column for USA TODAY.

I was a federal prosecutor for 25 years.

Trump and Barr have turned the Justice Department into something I no longer recognize.


Android : You take a good long look at the criminal in the White House.

You focus like a laser on the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you imagine what life would be like with another 4 years of trump.

Then you grit your teeth, swallow hard, and VOTE BLUE. twitter.com/Yanglican2020/…

iPhone : How are you going to form the coalition needed to transform your plans into action, given that our country and government is so divided between Conservatives, Moderates, and Progressives.

My question for Tuesdays #DemDebate: cards.twitter.com/cards/8xrpi/91…

Twitter Web App : Stocks are crashing again today. Dow is down about 350 points. Even the Feds $65 BILLION injection of money into the economy isnt helping overvalues stocks.

Twitter Web App : ❤️ 🦁 ❤️ 🦁 ❤️ 🦁 ❤️💋💋

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Twitter Web App : Good morning friends, have a lovely Tuesday and to all my animal friends,hav a happy Chewsday. pic.twitter.com/6cRz4vgSKh

Android : I hesitate when it comes to using that word unless Im familiarized with the person & shes cool with it or uses it on me beforehand.

But if I use it so cheapish then Im in a relationship with that person.

But I never use it liberally.

So yes I do see it as objectifying. twitter.com/crzyfkinworld/…

Twitter Web App : Jim Acosta brilliantly responded to Trump as he tries to shame him and CNN

Mr President I think our record on delivering the truth is a lot better than yours sometimes.

Im here for this. Well done Acosta, well done.

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Twitter Web App : I really miss having someone well educated and with a functional brain running our Nation.

‘Just choose from what works’ — Back in ’16, President Obama explained that socialism and capitalism can work together.


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Android : The minimum wage hasn’t gone up in over a decade. While CEOs rake in millions, their employees struggle to make ends meet.

It’s absolutely vile that Mitch McConnell would rather let corporations profit than pass the #RaiseTheWage Act to lift millions out of poverty. twitter.com/MoveOn/status/…

Twitter Web App : In other words MSNBC is doubling down on Bernie... They are quickly becoming the Fox News of the left. More than halfway there now.
#ChrisHayesisaSchmuck twitter.com/mlcalderone/st…

ContentStudio.io : Molino created Customs Bongs for last years Jack Herer Cup

Instead of using this one as a bong, @jackherercup used it as a vase!

Visit MolinoGlass.com for more amazing glass!

#molinoglassbongs #glassbongs #molinoglass #stonerdays #smokeweed #hightimes #bongs

Twitter Web App : Marijuana use is rising sharply among seniors over 65, study says, and there are serious risks - cnn.com/2020/02/24/hea…


Android : 📌 Read every day.
📌 Spend time with nature
📌 Ask question
📌 Never stop learning
📌 Study hard
📌 Teach others what you know.
📌 Its OK to make mistakes
📌 Make mistakes & learn
📌 Do what interests you the most.
📌 Dont pay attention to what others think of you.

Android : Im going to get off Twitter because this is all outrageous.

Bernie is not the nominee. 47 states have yet to vote.

He wrote violent rape fantasies IN HIS THIRTIES, and not as some legitimate critique to gender roles.