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iPhone : Show and tell or tweet and tell. Say a truth, good or bad about yourself.
Mine , I tried out for Key West little league. I could hit, but I couldn't catch a cold. Later I asked Mr. Paul " why me ?"
Keep hitting em kid, let those SOBs worry bout catching em
Words to live by !

iPhone : Mark Zuckerberg, after meetings with Trump, Lindsey Graham, Tucker Carlson or Ben Shapiro: "Meeting new people is part of learning, if you haven't tried it, I suggest you do!"

No thanks bro, learning how to be a fucking Nazi isn't part of my future plans. #DeleteFacebook

iPhone : Sol Allison To twitter family: In about a year or so when people have their fill of phony Christians, rise up saying 'no more,' and start throwing them in jails and beating them like the Bible says will happen, and I get swept up in the crusades, you guys will come and bust me out, right??

iPhone : Did you ever hop on Facebook and type in Lev Parnas? I just did. #LevParnasTrump I feel like tRump knew him ๐Ÿค”

iPhone : Pence is going to Turkey to broker a ceasefire between Turkey, Syria and the Kurds.
Pence?!?! Pence?!?
What could possibly go wrong?
They may as well send Gaetz...

iPhone : I think this is a few weeks old, but in light of the departure of Shepard Smith, it's worth watching.

This is an information war and fighting disinformation is how we win. It's why we have the #1A not to talk to ourselves in a safe space, but to dissent.โ€ฆ