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Twitter Web App : Bimboxtasy Well, I imagine that he contracted it the same way everyone else coming into contact with someone who had it also. There are currently 8 people at the assisted living facility that have tested positive for it. I'm guessing a visitor or staff member brought it in.

Twitter Web App : Max Dickens Thanks, Hunny! πŸ’‹ πŸ’ I come from a long line of fighters...I truly believe he will pull through just fine in spite of everything life has thrown at him. It's just so difficult because none of us can be there with him. That's the worst! The facility is on lockdown.

Twitter Web App : Davy_Jones17 Thank you...I truly do have a beautiful family...I just try to afford them privacy by editing out their faces. While they all are well aware of what I do & are supportive of me (I don't lie & am not even remotely ashamed of my choices.), it's just a respectful courtesy.

Twitter Web App : This was us Summer 2019. He and my Momaw have been married for 64 years...raised 4 exceptional human beings (2 boys & 2 girls) and have been the best grandparents you could ever ask for to 13 grandkids & 10 great grandkids & 3 great-great grandbabies.

Twitter Web App : Max Dickens Alzheimer's is the cruelest disease. It never allows your heart to stop breaking. But, our love is stronger than the pain, so we keep moving forward. This man has always been a huge part of my life...always been proud of me & loved me unconditionally.

Twitter Web App : I HATE the hype surrounding it and dont want to add to it. But, my precious 86 year old Popaw (whos in a NC nursing home with Alzheimers) has been diagnosed with #COVID19. Please send him all the love, light and healing energy! These pics are us from 9-29-17. πŸ’—

Twitter Web App : This quarantine BS has me this level of bored. So, lets see what yall got...recreate the meme! (Yes, I own a Hello Kitty robe & spend 90% of my time makeup free...dont judge me! 🀣)

Twitter Web App : Phoenix GotMylf? Hey Babe! I actually haven't shot a single thing since my last scenes with Score. I'm actually hoping to FINALLY get the green light from my medical team to return to shooting as soon as this quarantine nonsense is over. I haven't had sex since last September! It's time! πŸ€£πŸ’‹

Twitter Web App : Allen I'm actually not a "hillbilly", but I'm an extremely competent country girl. I can live off the land & I may have some coveted family recipes for a killer mash or 3 for moonshine. I love it. I can fish, hunt, garden, preserve food, you name it. My survival skills are on par.

Twitter Web App : Allen Oh Sweetie...WE were part of the original South...doesn't get more real Southern than us. Lol!

Twitter Web App : Khalan Morel It definitely isn't properly replicated anywhere...unless it's a Southern transplant doing the cooking/baking. I have traveled and lived all over the U.S. & the South is always where I come "home" to.

Twitter Web App : I value being a mom above all else...and I really enjoy cooking & baking, especially for my loved ones. I'm Southern and "country"...being an inadequate cook is NOT an option, LOL!