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iPhone : Baxtiyar Goran All Kurds should avoid traveling through/to Turkey as part of the on-going boycott. There are other ways to get to Kurdistan. Pay a little extra and go through Jordan or gulf states. They're more respectful anyway

iPhone : At Cairo Airport:
The passport checker when trying to guide the travelers arriving from #Erbil International Airport:
“The group coming from #Kurdistan....”
گروب بتاع كوردستان

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iPhone : Hiwa Jamal, Rudaw tv journalist/anchor, was banned from entering #Turkey during transit.
The cost for any Kurd, probably non-Kurds, who speaks up against the #Turkish oppression of the Kurds would be mistreatment, harassment, detention and/or deportation.

iPhone : KRG PM Masrour Barzani visits Bardarash camp that hosts newly arrived Syrian refugees.
The camp is currently hosting more than 12,000 refugees who fled their homes in Rojava due to Turkish military operation against the #Kurds.

iPhone : Turkish military renamed the only hospital in Sarekaniye (Ras al-Ayn) to Turkish, where not even a single Turk lives. Does this provide enough information on the treatment of non-Turks in #Turkey itself?

iPhone : Iranian accounts attacking me (Iraqi born and raised journalist) for covering Iraqi protests!?! , just imagine the level of their meddling in Iraqi affairs. Iran needs to leave Iraq to make it’s own path, Iraqis will no longer sit back and watch their country be Iran-fied. #Iraq

Twitter Web App : #Update: 8 November; Syrian Refugee arrivals;

109 refugees arrived through Sehela.

Total arrivals:
14, 833 refugees,


iPhone : I am protesting the arrival of an opressive dictator (Erdogan) to Budapest even as a mayor. It is no coincidence that I hung a Kurdish flag in the window of my office a couple of days after my election, I felt it is my duty to take a stand by the Kurds.

-Gergely Karácsony ☀️

iPhone : According to intl military analyst, man on left is aiming directly at ppl he is targeting, which carries high risk of causing serious injury or death if teargas cartridges are being fired. This is an inappropriate and highly dangerous use of teargas cartridges.

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iPhone : I can honestly say that in my 20 years of global aid work i have never had so much love and respect anywhere else as I do in #Kurdistan ( Iraq). No harassment from the police or army either !

I feel like part of the people now, especially in #Duhok.

Laween Atroshi