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Android : YES PAUL. YOU ARE.

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iPhone : You gave me something
I understand
You gave me loving in the palm of my hand
I cant tell you how I feel
My heart is like a wheel
Let me roll it
Let me roll it to you
Let me roll it
Let me roll it to you....

Twitter Web App : OTD 1974: Lets Love by jazz vocalist Peggy Lee was released as a single in the United States. The song was written and produced by Paul McCartney, and featured McCartney on piano.

#PaulMcCartney #PaulMcCartneyandWings #TheBeatles

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iPhone : George Harrison is the reason I’m in love with mysterious quiet guitarists and I’ll forever stick to that!

Android : (ポール)Thanks,Mo(「ありがとう、モー=モーリン)
(ジョン)Id like say Thank Youon Behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition(「グループに成り代わり「ありがとう」と申し上げますが、これでオーディションに合格でしょうか?) ←(ァァッハハ)

Android : In the third instalment of our ‘Abbey Road’ wall takeover, weve invited artist and designer @MisterPenfold to add his abstract take on ‘I Want You (Shes So Heavy)’ to the space. Read about his inspiration for the piece:

Beatles in London : It keeps the music alive: Beatles producer Giles Martin talks Abbey Roads 50th anniversary reissue -…

Twitter Web App : Good morning my friends 🐦🌻🌺🌾

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iPhone : Thinking abt the fact that everyone in Paul’s life was taken from him too early

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iPhone : Using only a lyric, song title or quote, what would you call the Paul McCartney sex tape/porno???

Puns are always appreciated also...


Twitter Web App : Yesterday and today more letters with #acornsforpeace ☮️ This time they flew to #Sweden, #Denmark, #CzechRepublic and #Slovakia! 😍☮️✌️🌳

Twitter Web App : John Lennon”
is shown with his hair cut short for his role in
“How I won the war” in 1966 at an unknown location. The movie is being filmed in Germany

TweetDeck : Its You Like Me Too Much, recorded by The Waikikis in a fun easy-listening style.…

#beatles #thebeatles

Twitter Web App : La Beatlemanía BeatleLudo フライングペンギンマン ТОМ Margarita Perez giss Tryme にゃんし~♡September Song Ian Graham MARIO HÉCTOR PELÁEZ Beatles Archive titine 1968 Rachel ʜᴇɴɴɪɴɢ andrey | stream abbey road Ami ✨ Frank San Filippo In early 1963, while living in Larkhill (on Salisbury Plain), England, I saw the early Beatles on British TV performing Please Please Me. That was the moment. A few weeks later, my brother brought home a stereo Please P. Me LP. Full story in #TheBeatlesInCanada RED book.

Twitter Web App : Sorry that our Miami Beatle Brunch radio station was sold and no longer carries the show. Find a station that DOES here or Join the Beatle Brunch Club for pennies a day here:…

Janetter for Android : Part of me would sooner have been a comedian. I just dont have the guts to stand up and do it but Id love to be in Monty Python rather than the Beatles. Fawlty Towers is the greatest show Ive seen in years. What a masterpiece! A beautiful thing.

Android : Hola Tuiteros... Hermosa Historia 😊
La organización Place Potcake, rescata perros y los lleva a una Isla caribeña, situada en Providenciales en Islas Turcas y Caicos donde viven Joya. Los turistas se mimetizan con ellos, juegan en la Playa, nadan y reciben todo el amor.

Android : Hoy se cumple un nuevo aniversario del viaje de John y Paul a París, así que me parece un buen momento para revivir este theead 💛 👇👇👇👇…

iPhone : when you suddenly remember that one embarrassing thing you said 5 years ago

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SocialOomph : So he waits behind
Writing fifty times I must not be so-o-o-o
But when she turns her back on the boy
He creeps up from behind

♪ #TheBeatles

Twitter for iPad : Today in # BeatleHistory in 1964 Vee-Jay records released Beatles vs Four Seasons in UK, now very collectable but beware of counterfeits

Android : Yes yes yes thank you Ravinia for a great night and music Lotta fun see you tomorrow night peace and love. 😎✌️🌟💖🌺🍒🐘🥦🦏🎵🎶☮️

iPhone : Happy #RoshHashanah5780 to those who observe. May G*d inscribe you in his book for a healthy happy year. On #RoshHashanah it is written on #YomKippur it is written.

iPhone : this part highkey broke me i miss them so much

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Hootsuite Inc. : It was 50 years ago today! Here’s yours truly, shoeless, crossing #AbbeyRoad. Imagine what the crowds will be like today! #jewelonthehill1 #Beatles #TheBeatles Abbey Road Studios #BeatlesHistory #London #PaulMcCartney #JohnLennon #RingoStarr #GeorgeHarrison #abbeyroadstudios #OnThisDay

Twitter Web App :… We are digging these programs! Hope youll be celebratin with us in June and always! Thanks, #BBC #thebeatles #pattieboyd #davegrohl #rickrubin

Twitter Web App : «И когда гопота распинает Христа, он объяснит, отчего Христос враг». Новая песня «Вечерний мудозвон» Бориса Гребенщикова — о пропагандисте, которого музыкант называет «подлинным тружеником наших времен». Владимир Соловьев уже обиделся.

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Twitter Web App : Eric Alper 🎧 Love Me Do
You Really Got A Hold On Me
I Wanna Hold Your Hand
And I Love Her
Hold Me Tight
I Can Remember
I Wanna Be With You
Come Around And See Me
Make Me Lose Control
I Cant Tell You Why
You Give Love A Bad Name
Thank You For Loving Me
Right Here Waiting For You


Android : This Rohingya refugee escaped persecution and found love in Chicago. Now Trumps policies are crushing refugee dreams.

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iPhone : The Beatles have had 1.7 BILLION Spotify streams so far this year and 47% of those streams were aged 18-29…

Twitter Web App : Also can we talk about ‘she came in through the bathroom window’ I think it might be one of my new favorite songs. Like that TRANSITION THO.

Twitter Web App : TRINUS was at the AUMA Convention and AMSC Trade Show, held at the Edmonton Convention Centre. Many thanks to all our Clients and Prospects who popped-by the TRINUS booth to visit with us! It was nice to see you!

Android : this video of david gilmour speaking french clears my skin and waters my plants

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