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iPhone : Shout out to North West activists. This fantastic politician needs your help. Crewe is winnable but Laura needs your help today. If you can get over to Crewe even for a short time today please do. We canโ€™t let the Tories win. The stakes are too high. Crewe is a vital seat for us.โ€ฆ

iPhone : Come on people.
We need to get everyone out to vote.

Those that dont normally vote.
Friends. Family. Neighbors. Bloke down the pub.

We can do this!


iPhone : Laura Smith needs our help now more than ever folks. If you can get to Crewe today please go along & help her win back her seat! It would be criminal to lose this true socialist to a Tory!

iPhone : Thanks Ian Lavery. Come and help us get the vote out in Crewe and Nantwich. 5 minutes in the rain to get this government out. They donโ€™t deserve any more chances! #VoteLabourDecember12

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iPhone : Voting Conservatives is voting for more death.

#VoteLabour for #RealChange

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iPhone : This is beautiful. Vote Labour.๐ŸŒน

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iPhone : Dear Britain,
This is a momentous day.
We choose what kind of country we will be.
Please choose the path that means we are proud to look after each other & our planet.
Please ignore who the billionaire -owned media want you to vote for.
They aren't on your side.

iPhone : Out on the campaign trail earlier, we came across the sweetest old lady. She was so softly spoken and when we gave her our Labour leaflet, she said "Oh, I've voted Jeremy". My Comrade, cheekily asked "Why not Boris?" "Because I don't want to die alone on a corridor", she replied.

iPhone : In his spare time Dennis Skinner goes around old folks homes & sings for them. Here he explains the inspiration for that kindness. His mammy.

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iPhone : Could *not* love this harder

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iPhone : Mark Starr, 53, died sleeping rough in a Glasgow park earlier this year. His family found out five weeks later after a friend saw an appeal on Facebook

His family thought he was doing well, but the truth was much darker. The family are numb and in shock.

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