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Android : It’s here! Becoming Better Grownups is a real book! Stories of kids and former kids who showed me what it looks like to live with joy & hope.

This isn’t the world I imagined the book arriving into, yet I am hopeful it can be helpful.

Android : The purpose of this direction is to prohibit the operation of non-essential gatherings in order to limit the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Android : My sister in law has sewn together a 3 x 3 metre green screen for me, as we launch into remote teaching this week. I can’t wait to introduce staff, students and parents to the potential of this mode of education #aussieED #cecgchat

Android : Important read to realise how serious this is: A Chilling Account From A Doctor At The Center Of The Coronavirus Crisis… via @bernstein

Android : The university I work for & study at has been absolutely smashing #COVID19. It has secured all casual work during this period, it has offered 6 month extensions to all HDR students, it has redefined full-time work to 25hrs a week for carers. I’ve never been so proud of ourANU.

Android : Here’s an idea 💡With most Australian kids currently doing some version of distance learning, and many working parents struggling with the demands of home schooling ... what are the chances of our abctv & radio programming educational content during school hours?

Android : Andrew Constance has a clear message for Canberrans: There will not be a South Coast Easter holiday - stay home.… via Canberra Times #Canberra

Android : Next on my #stayhome travel album. This is a favourite from France, where an older Parisian brought the city to life. #intrepidtravel #travelphotographer #travelgram #instatravel #wanderlust #paris #parisian #France

Android : #coronavirus has disrupted the way we teach in a matter of weeks 🌍

New solutions for education could bring much needed innovation 💡

Will it widen the digital divide? 💭

Join Adriano Di Prato cofounder of Game Changers + as we lead #aussieED

HMW do school differently?