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iPhone : Andy P Think I remember Klich saying when he first joined that he will be better than he is. I know Klich may not be prime Zidane but you know, it’s certainly some praise for him.

iPhone : tommo Tommaso Yorkshire T Andrea Radrizzani Cooper/Douglas likely start, Berardi Dallas may be second string once the season begins but we saw Aylings drop in form and the injury plague of last season. It’d be fair to assume injuries won’t be as bad as last year, but it’d be foolish to dismiss it as a possibility.

iPhone : tommo Tommaso Yorkshire T Andrea Radrizzani Sure you add Costa, Klich and hopefully you’re adding 15-25 goals a season with those 2 but we fluffed our lines a few times today which in isolation, yeah, so what, but it creates a little panic when it was the theme of last season. Ditto defence and crap goals.

iPhone : tommo Tommaso Yorkshire T Andrea Radrizzani I’m not arsed about today’s result mate really, I get everything you’re saying. I just think it highlights a little about how light we are in places. We played well, but wait for it... couldn’t finish chances and conceded sloppy goals, that’s not about opponent quality.

iPhone : Tommaso Yorkshire T Andrea Radrizzani I’m happy go lucky about most things that are out of my control and as for Pontus going 🤷🏼‍♂️ done now, couldn’t care less. A replacement is needed though. Madness to not bother. Unless Struijk is a world beater and Cooper/White won’t get any injuries/suspensions... hmmm.

iPhone : Only an idiot would read anything in to a friendly... until Phil Jones scores against you.. Andrea Radrizzani we might need one of those what’s it’s, you know, what are they called... ah yes, centre backs. One of those would be lovely.

iPhone : It’s nice when you can share an opinion that you couldn’t give 2 fucks about ending up correct or not.. Think Bruce will be good for Newcastle. He’s not got a bad record. It’s not high praise but I think he’s a cut above the pool he’s linked with of Hughes, Pardew, Pulis etc.

iPhone : Dont believe this if you dont want to tweeps but I sent a copy of my book: Bielsa = Leeds to the great man. He called me 15 minutes ago on a mobile number to say thanks and he will keep it forever. I dont know whether he is in Australia yet or in transit. What a guy!

iPhone : Download my flute album Flute and Fibre’ today and get bonus tracks : ‘They Flute Horses Don’t They’ ‘The Flute of all Evil’ and ‘You Look Flutiful Tonight £8.00

iPhone : Not based on a performance v York before anyone starts- but as his name has popped up- I’d love Harrison to turn up and be something special this season other than glimpses. I was as critical as anyone last season. We’re gonna need him to be a regular 7-8/10. No hiding/coasting.