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Bio I make & take screenshots at @EA_DICE. All tweets are quotes from the movie Commando (1985).
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Twitter Web App : Brian Serafin I've used Lightroom for photography, but I like to keep screenshots untouched.

I have tools at work for Battlefield/Front, but I only use them for work purposes.

Twitter Web App : Nekodificador 💬 Javi Villada There's a Cheat Engine table that makes shooting the game more enjoyable - for example you can change resolution on the fly to whatever you want, including portrait resolutions.…

Twitter Web App : Charlotte Dubois Thank you. The game serves these kind of views on a platter though, hopefully I can inject something worthwhile to them every now and then.

Twitter Web App : Hamza_Zaharna You can download the original PNG's from my Flickr , icon is in the lower right corner for each image.

Twitter Web App : Jim2point0 I like the clean white look, really pops out when needed. Some of the gear looks really nice on it. I do have few other screenshot horses in the stable, but I need to re-dress Arthur to match them. Might even give the wacky appaloosa a go, just saw one near Wallace Station.

Twitter Web App : Jim2point0 You can craft that at the trapper. You can't preview it, he'll just send it to the stable. I don't remember which one of them it was, but it was carefully selected for this screenshot.

Twitter Web App : Jim2point0 Yeah, shadows are a bit shit. I tried to redo the shot, but lost some of the other good stuff this pic has. This is from the first trip up north, which was actually just a hunting trip to get more wacky gear for the second trip (white bison pelt in the back).