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Twitter Web App : Laurie I also had the double whammy of a temporary mobility impairment during the PEAK of the recession, so even if I had a job I couldn't work b/c I couldn't stand. Had to disclose that too to try to get the job so I could, wait for it, continue to afford my meds. LOL/Sob

Twitter Web App : Laurie "Yes I understand the recession, but why did you move jobs so often? Like you know that looks bad, right?"

(Same dude was also clearly looking at his phone during the interview. I never had a chance.)

Twitter Web App : Look at the last column.
Things given up: Their lives.

Insulin affordability isn't just an inconvenience. We're not whining because we don't want to spend money.

We're TRYING TO NOT DIE. We're trying to keep others from dying. That's not hyperbole, that's reality.…

Twitter Web App : it was very chilly during our walk today. when i tried to hop in a puddle. i slid across it instead. i am not a penguin. i would like a refund

Twitter Web App : I have excellent employer provided health insurance. Regardless, my insulin still cost the same as rent on a 3 bedroom house.

There is no choice for sick people. We simply pay up or die.…

Twitter Web App : Medicare For All? No thanks, I don't want to pay for other people's health care. I like private insurance, where I pay for other people's health care AND for the salaries of bloodsucking middlemen whose entire purpose is telling me No when I need medicine

Twitter Web App : Jenny Bramble 1) I have to be careful to stay to the script, which can mean I don't get to improv/be as interactive as I'd like.
2) It means I usually don't take audience Q's at a talk. That's clearly an issue.
3) It requires LOTS of planning so any last min changes get in to the script too

Twitter Web App : Jenny Bramble I always try to post a link to my script w/slides at both the beginning & end of my talk, even if live captioning is used. Some of the auto ones still have hiccups, a live captioner is AMAZING but it can take a minute for the transcript to be posted. There are some trade offs:

Twitter Web App : Calming my nerves about a big launch deadline this way:

Thus far, everything *works*, as in it functions.

Everything after this is just shine and polish, small feat add ons.

It will be ok.

Breathe in the anxiety, breathe out the code.

Twitter Web App : IT IS MONDAY!


Yes, it is winter.
Yes, politics is depressing.



Twitter Web App : Awesome.

Next question.…

Twitter Web App : Kimbers Overall, I *do* think G6 is great. It works perfectly like 95% of the time. That 5% when it doesn't & you have to interact w/support is the question mark. Some times they're absolutely brilliant, other times they sound like they can't be bothered.

Twitter Web App : Chaotic good - BONUS POINTS: it's usually the receipt from the book checkout at the library...or the receipt for my fines because I'm bloody incapable of returning a book on time, and it is a deep shame.…

Twitter Web App : Kimbers I've been working to try to recover from years of disordered eating, body shame, etc. The last thing I need is to be told that my body is the reason I cannot get readings from my diabetes devices, and if I could just, ya know, not exist in this body, things would be better.

Twitter Web App : Kimbers My issue overall is if this is a known issue, you either need to test a wider variety of body sizes & compositions and fix it, or disclose that people with x or y percentage/weight/ body surface area may experience a, b, or c problems in d circumstances.

Twitter Web App : Kimbers It seems from other comments that they might be probing to see if you are have a low bodyfat % that might mean it doesn't work well. A different CGM manuf told me that, quote, "Sometimes us ✨Big Girls✨ just have problems! Tee hee!" with readings due to body density?

Twitter Web App : The state of Utah cuts its enbrel spending in half for some patients by PAYING THEM TO FLY TO MEXICO TO GET A 3 month supply.…

Twitter Web App : amberley Yes. Absolutely yes.

(Says the lady with a giant tattoo if her dog so maybe I’m not a super reliable narrator here.)