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Twitter Web Client : Two years ago, ⁦@Krauthammer⁩ explains why Trump is unfit to be president and predicted the tragedy of this week:

Trump has “a shocking absence of elementary decency and of natural empathy for the most profound of human sorrows — parental grief.”…

Twitter Web Client : TR Webb You see Rick, just like there's a difference b/w a law abiding gun owner & a murderer w/ an AR-15, there's a difference b/w a mother trying to protect her child & a gang member smuggling 764 children. I think we're all smart enough to understand that.

Twitter Web Client : Joseph Zucofski I believe Trump to be an immoral, small minded, racially motivated individual who would go to the ends of the Earth for HIMSELF above all else. I don't particularly care if you agree w/ me. because I'm not trying to change your opinion.

Twitter Web Client : Joseph Zucofski If Obama was enforcing border laws (which btw flies in the face of Trump's assertion that nobody but him ever tried to enforce border laws), I do not doubt he was doing so to enforce the laws & not because he has disdain for the people who were crossing. So, there you have it.

Twitter Web Client : Joseph Zucofski Despite popular perception, I (& any reasonable person) support reform of our border laws. Clearly it's not working! But there is 1 thing I know for sure about Trump - he cares about nothing & no one more than he cares about himself.

Twitter Web Client : Joseph Zucofski I don't owe u or any1 an explanation for my opinions but since u seem hell bent on me giving you one, here you go: My opinions about Trump are because of Trump! His words & actions indicate to me that he is a racist & that is the reason for his stance & policies on border control

iPhone : I’m far more fearful of an angry American citizen w/ an AR-15 than I am of an illegal South American w/ a kid.…

Twitter Web Client : First time illegal entry into the United States is a misdemeanor.

Lying on or omitting materially relevant information from your SF86 (as Jared Kushner did multiple times by his own admission) is a felony.

Guess which one's getting prosecuted?

Twitter Web Client : psuhappyvalley Ray Blehar Baldwin's hearings wrapped, yes. However the attorneys left the panel with a significant amount of documentation to read, so I wouldn't expect an answer any time soon.......unless, of course, it was just another dog and pony show; then it could come tomorrow.

iPhone : I work w/ child care providers to help them get federal $ for meals they serve. They must agree to open their door to me any time I come during business hours. It’s unannounced & they have to grant me access. The fact that HHS is blocking access to detention facilities is telling