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Periscope : The fossil fuel industry’s greed must end. We’re going to aggressively combat climate change and create millions of good-paying union jobs in the process. Join our rally live:…

iPhone : Are you a union member who supports our campaign?

We are launching our national organizing program to provide union members with the tools to organize their coworkers and community. RSVP for our Union Members for Bernie strategy webinar:

Twitter Media Studio : A woman I met in Cedar Rapids pays $94,000 a year for her husbands Alzheimers treatment.

Taking care of a loved one when they are sick is already difficult enough.

You shouldnt have to worry about going bankrupt at the same time. That is why we fight for Medicare for All.

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Twitter Web App : Hahahahaha. That's some real class solidarity. I’m impressed by that grassroots movement.

Our campaign on the other hand is a real movement by and for the working class. We are going to take on the billionaire class, and we are going to defeat them.…

Periscope : A Green New Deal will not only prevent climate catastrophe. We will create 20 million jobs and invest $16 trillion in the economy. Join our town hall in Orange City:…

iPhone : Woah! In just 24 hours, over 6,500 people joined us in Coralville, in Council Bluffs and for our Climate Crisis Summit in Des Moines.

We are going to win because we are bringing working people, young people and poor people across Iowa and this nation into the political process.

Twitter Web App : proud to be a part of a campaign that is about the collective, not the individual.

even prouder to work in a movement and time such as this.

social movements created this moment and billionaires are shook.…

Twitter Web App : Jeff Bezos and Amazon spent $1.5 million to defeat progressives like Vote Sawant. They should have kept their money.

The people of Seattle want leaders who will fight to end corporate greed, to make big corporations pay their fair share and for affordable housing.…

Twitter Media Studio : Tonight we say to Michael Bloomberg and other billionaires: Sorry, you’re not going to buy this election.

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Twitter Media Studio : My Why Bernie is because when I was a kid… and my mom was cleaning houses and my dad was trying to start a business, and my parents were struggling to have health insurance, let alone me, Bernie was fighting for us. -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Twitter Web App : Now is the moment to fundamentally transform our racist and broken criminal justice system by ending mass incarceration, the failed war on drugs and the criminalization of poverty. Congratulations Chesa Boudin 博徹思 on your historic victory!…

Twitter Web App : Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is helping to launch a canvass today in Des Moines. This wknd Team Bernie in Iowa will knock more than 20,000 doors. As Rep. AOC says, we arent here to watch the polls, we are here to change the polls.We change the polls by knocking doors

#IACaucus #Bernie2020

Twitter Media Studio : What we need is a dynamic democracy — a democracy where all of us play a role in shaping public policy.

Not some billionaire who decides to run for President of the United States because hes a billionaire.

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Twitter Media Studio : When I look at the young people here from the Sunrise Movement 🌅 and when I look at young people all over the world, this may be the moment that young people look their parents in the eye and say, Now is the time to save the planet.

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Twitter Media Studio : When it comes to a Green New Deal people say, always, always with this question, How are you going to pay for it?

As though were not paying for it now. As if the Midwest wasnt underwater this year.

As if 3,000 Americans didnt die in Puerto Rico in Hurricane Maria. -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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Twitter Media Studio : Heres the thing about big money. That big money is very lonely because weve got people on our side. The thing about billionaires is that theres not too many of them. -Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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