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Twitter Web App : Dear Donnie, I hear you're upset about LED bulbs. The old ones were called INCANDESCENT. When LEDs first came out, they were cold & blue, true, but they've warmed up the light, so if you are orange, it's your makeup that makes you to look like a carrot. And HD isn't helping you!

Twitter Web App : Saudi pilot trainee kills three at a Naval air base in FLA. This is stunning on so many levels. Why are Saudis being trained as pilots in the US in the first place?? Does NO ONE remember that 15 of the 19 hijackers in 9/11 were Saudis? No matter what they "say" they despise us.

iPhone : According to a new book, Donald & Melania not only sleep in different rooms, they sleep on different floors. We know not only can he NOT use the stairs, he HATES using stairs, so I must admit she’s smarter than we thought!

iPhone : Oh you can tune into the evening news for violence and sex,
Or maybe Mr HANNITY and the nutjobs he collects.
But if you need a joke between the bloodshed and the sweat,
You better #followBette!

Twitter Web Client : Tragic on every level. I feel nothing but shame. I wasn't going to post but R. Maddow is discussing it now, and if you don't watch her or read The Times, consider it a PSA.
What the C.I.A.’s Torture Program Looked Like to the Tortured

iPhone : The endless conspiracy theories and denial of facts.
The lies, hate and bullying of children who communicate and act on the science.
All because some adults - terrified of change - so desperately dont want to talk about the #ClimateCrisis
This is hope in disguise.
Were winning.

iPhone : POSSIBLE?? POSSIBLE? You mean it’s definitely, w/o a doubt, absolutely guaranteed that he doesn’t know what climate change is, and even if he dimly apprehends it, doesn’t give a flying roll of paper towels about what’s coming. When Mar-a-Lago is under water, you may see change.…

iPhone : #Trump cancelled a presser & left the NATO summit early because of a video of other leaders giggling about him. He later called #JustinTrudeau two-faced. Trudeau has his problems, but if he were two-faced, both those faces would be pretty cute!

Twitter Web App : Trump says all NATO nations have to pay 2% of their GDP.
We pay 3.5%! WHY? WHY?? WHY PAY MORE THAN NECESSARY? Imagine the great schools, roads, bridges, the health care we could have if we didn't! JUST PAY THE 2%!!! #MRTOADSWILDRIDE

iPhone : “Because all resources on earth belong to us. It doesn’t matter if they are in the ground of some other sovereign nation or that the Kurds died so we could take them. We got the oil and fuck all the others. We might share a little with the Russians, but the oil is ours. #kingtoad…

iPhone : Thanksgiving was 5 days ago and it's time for all of us to throw out that disgusting, dried-out turkey. And Don Jr, Eric, Ivanka & Melania too.