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Twitter Web Client : The life of democracy is the life of material enjoyments. And Tocqueville thinks that this is a great danger to democracy....He tries to find ways to combat this and to elevate democracy. The main one that he sees is religion.
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Twitter Web Client : A must watch (or must listen): Mansfield explains how Tocqueville's account of American institutions and practice elevates us above mere individualism and materialism, and why Tocqueville remains our greatest teacher in “defending a defensible liberalism.”

Twitter Web Client : "The refusal to begin impeachment proceedings is, in fact, a judgment on the merits of the potentially impeachable offense. It’s a judgment that the president’s conduct, while bad, is not that bad." If that's Pelosi's judgment, she should explain it.…

Twitter Web Client : Buried lede: "Economists in the Journal’s latest monthly survey put the probability of a recession in the next 12 months at 30.1%, the highest level" in eight years.…

Twitter Web Client : “For the President of the United States to say he would be willing to take information (from foreign Govt) and not have to call the FBI, I think represents a violation of the oath of office that this president took". Former CIA Chief Leon Panetta.

Twitter Web Client : "The mayor hung a Soviet flag in his office" in 1981. Think about the Soviet Union in 1981--the KGB in charge, the refuseniks in jail, Sakharov in internal exile, the crackdown in Poland--that was the country's flag Sanders chose to hang. #NeverSanders…

Twitter Web Client : Will Hurd is one of the smartest and most engaged members of Congress on cybersecurity, on either side of the aisle. To disinvite him from Black Hat over his views on abortion, promotes a flawed and counterproductive narrative that cybersecurity & election security are partisan.

Twitter Web Client : This ad from Republicans for the Rule of Law calls on Congress to act, as the president clearly wont, on the urgent matter of protecting our elections from foreign interference. It will air Monday on cable news networks. If you agree, do forward it to your member of Congress.

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iPhone : If Trump is the Republican nominee and is behind in general election polls a year from now, he’s dumping Pence.…

iPhone : Today, we celebrate 244 years of defending and protecting America, and the generations of Soldiers who have answered the call to serve. #ArmyBday

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iPhone : No one has done more to damage support for democratic capitalism in America than Donald Trump, his fellow oligarchs, and their entitled hangers-on.…