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iPhone : American Action Network is spending millions attacking Dem House members on impeachment—a further indication of the degeneracy of the GOP establishment. AAN has been a mainstream GOP outfit. Now it’s all in not for GOP policies but for Trump. Will any staffer or donor protest?

iPhone : Wait till Trump realizes Jennifer Williams works for Mike Pence. Tomorrow could be an interesting day for intra-West Wing dynamics when she testifies publicly.
Pence to Trump:…

iPhone : I’d add that Nixon deserved the benefit of the doubt (“wrong but not impeachable”) far more than Trump. The determination of today’s Republicans to stick with Trump is particularly appalling and disqualifying for the future of the party.…

iPhone : A very interesting and thought-provoking article by ⁦Yevgeny Simkin⁩ that gets to the heart of why advertising but also other communication on Facebook is fundamentally different from our traditional “marketplace of ideas.” An important piece.…

iPhone : “Trump sounds more like ‘Salem’s reckless, hysterical teenaged accusers than he does their victims.’”
Terrific piece by ⁦Christian Schneider⁩ on witch hunts real and imagined.…

iPhone : In today’s “witch hunt,” the “witches” are the whistleblower and other professionals “horrified by Trump’s willingness to trade military aid for campaign favors, [who] now find themselves smeared and accused by the most powerful man in the free world.”…


To: Vice President Mike Pence
From: Never Trump Central

Now that Agent Williams’ cover has been blown, we suggest you make a show of sending her back to State and of obsequiousness to President Trump. We need to keep suspicion off you at all cost! (And congrats on “Anonymous.”)…

Twitter Web App : How did Americas healthcare system end up looking like it does? James Capretta AEI covers this topic and more in a deep dive on healthcare in our new release:


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Twitter Web App : "Trump ran behind the Republican senate candidate in 21 states in 2016. This includes a lot of big, important states where the election was close...Trump only outperformed the GOP senate candidate in 12 states and most of those were non-competitive races."…

Twitter Web Client : "Trump’s approach to the justice system is not that of a normal politician looking to find wiggle room, or to cut some corners, or to carve out for himself some plausible deniability. Donald Trump is...running the U.S. government like a gangster."…

Twitter Web App : The last time a GOP president faced impeachment, some House Republicans stepped up to defend the Constitution and the rule of law. They followed their oath to protect the Constitution--not any political party or any one person. We remember them for their courage and integrity.

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iPhone : Excellent Peter Shaffer’s ‘Amadeus’ at the Folger tonight. Spectacular performance as Salieri by Ian Merrill Peakes. Good music by Mozart, too!

iPhone : TIM MORRISON: On or about July 15, Deputy National Security Advisor Charlie Kupperman stated that "the chief of staff's office had informed OMB that it was the President's direction to hold the assistance."

iPhone : Imagine how the seven Navy SEALs who reported their platoon chief feel today, after risking their careers to report Gallaghers crimes -- despite threats made by their troop commander.