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Twitter Web Client : Ducks, unlike most other northern hemisphere birds, get their breeding plumage in fall. These snazzy Mallards were showing of their nuptial attire earlier this chilly December afternoon in Lafayette, Colorado, USA.

Twitter Web Client : Writing for The Amer. Birding Assoc. Blogs Happening NOW column, North American Birds regional editor Dean Shoup provides this readable and analytical synopsis of the remarkable Fall 2018 phenomenon (still ongoing!) of PALM WARBLERS IN COLORADO: tinyurl.com/Shoup-PAWA-ana…

Twitter Web Client : SAY HELLO TO THE AMERICAN BUSHTIT, Psaltriparus minimus, the smallest passerine in North America north of Mexico. This bushtit, an adult male, was part of a flock of ~40 in eastern Boulder County, Colorado.

Twitter Web Client : Got a short business trip to Arizona? Wanna sneak out and FIND A ROADRUNNER?? In the old days, youda needed a print birdfinding guide. Today you can do it with the Tucson Aududon Society birdfinding app, reviewed in Birding magazine: tinyurl.com/y76kdnsq

Twitter Web Client : This is a Coopers Hawk, a bird species that has rapidly adapted to city landscapes. Read Corey Husics review in Birding of Clint Boal and Cheryl Dykstras provocative and important new book on urban raptors: tinyurl.com/y78kkthm

Twitter Web Client : This is not a bird. It is a Common Checkered Skipper, Pyrgus communis, but it may not be common all that much longer. Read this sobering assessment of the ongoing Insect Apocalypse--unfortunately, very bad news for birds and the rest of life on Earth: tinyurl.com/yb94n57x

Twitter Web Client : This is a classic if frustrating view of a fall warbler. But check this out: THE BIRD IS EMINENTLY IDENTIFIABLE in this pose. Bird ID guru Patrick Maurice explains in the Dec. 2018 issue of Birding, and birders everywhere are sharing tips at The Amer. Birding Assoc. Blog: tinyurl.com/ybnagsel

Twitter Web Client : This is a BLACK-CHINNED HUMMINGBIRD in e. Boulder Co., Colo. 10-12 years ago, the sighting would have been notable. Now the species is routine in summer. What happened? Almost-a-teen birder Andrew Floyd explains at tonights BROOMFIELD BIRD CLUB meeting: tinyurl.com/y9dl6kuo

Twitter Web Client : This VERMILION FLYCATCHER was a highlight for the two dozen participants in THE GREAT BOULDER CAPER, held this past Friday, Nov. 23, and a delectable alternative to pointless consumerism. Read teen birder Luke Phenegers recap: tinyurl.com/ya4ycnub

Twitter Web Client : DONT GO SHOPPING on Black Friday! Instead, join Colorado Field Ornithologists for the GREAT BOULDER CAPER, free & open to the public. A few years ago on the caper, we found this MANDARIN DUCK! Take THAT, Central Park! Details on next weeks caper: tinyurl.com/y95gosgp

Twitter Web Client : This is a Wood Duck. Its one of the 250+ bird species recorded at Greenlee Wildlife Preserve in Boulder County, Colorado. Read Julie Marshalls tribute, appearing in yesterdays Daily Camera, to this amazing birding hotspot: tinyurl.com/y92dkmcd

Twitter Web Client : Theyre baa-ack... We at Birding magazine and the Amer. Birding Assoc. continue to receive reports of BLUE CATTLE EGRETS--some dyed blue, some decked out in blue ribbons, and some perhaps naturally blue. What the heck is going on? Frank Izaguirre explores: tinyurl.com/y8qatzze

Twitter Web Client : HOW MANY SPECIES OF BOOBIES in this image? The individual at right is a Brewsters Booby. Brewsters Booby?? Learn about the biology and field ID of this distinctive bird, a possible split, in the current issue of the Amer. Birding Assoc.s Birding magazine: tinyurl.com/y7uzcyad

Twitter Web Client : Birders delight in FOS, or first-of-season, sightings. Thats cool. Theres something definitive and satisfying about an FOS. But what about an LOS, more indeterminate, more ambiguous? Was this pelican, sailing off into a snow squall coming off the the Rockies, the LOS?