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iPhone : Here lies the remains of a man called Great
By those who wish to perpetuate
The state of profits vast, and booty yields
From stolen mines and forests and golden fields--

from an epitaph for Rudyard Kipling (buried 1/23/1936) by Communist Hermina Huiswoud (with Otto Huiswoud)

iPhone : “Ten years have passed since my book, ‘The New Jim Crow,’ was published,” writes Michelle Alexander. “Everything and nothing has changed.”

iPhone : “We demand respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela. We demand an end to imperialism. We want an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour and the right to form a union. We want to end global warming and the end of the use of fossil fuels.” #MLK2020…

iPhone : Only through unity can we defeat fascism in November! Nothing can stop the organized will of the working class making the fight their own. Let’s unite around the issues and NOT around individual personalities. #CapitalismFails #TrySocialism…

iPhone : Today is the anniversary of the passing of Comrade Lenin ✊🌍🚩

Leader of the October Revolution, Lenin was the architect of the worlds first proletarian revolution & socialist state. Lenins example & writings remain a tireless inspiration to the youth of the world!

iPhone : Billionaires own more than 60% of the world's population: inequality's endless cycle? A new economic order is needed with peace, equality, social justice and solidarity.
#SomosCuba #SomosContinuidad…

iPhone : Angela Y. Davis is giving the keynote address at our annual Walter Rodney Symposium this year.

Tell all your friends, family, and comrades because we want to see everyone there!

iPhone : The stifling white chauvinist atmosphere within these organizations stems largely from their overwhelmingly petty-bourgeois composition. -- Claudia Jones