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iPhone : 久しぶりのツアーです!!楽しみ!!映画「Kuro」も上映します!😊

Twitter Web App : I know we’ve still gotta get the album out but honestly can’t wait for people to hear voam003, the first record on the label not by Jamie and I - total mind melters!!!

Twitter Web App :…
🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶 too good

Twitter Web App : Important: if you flew to Unsound please offset your carbon by purchasing trees we will plant in Krakow in spring 2020. To do this go to the Solidarity with Earth campaign via the link - your participation is needed to make this work. Please retweet.…


Android : Love hearing ambient type music from friends, really shows how deep, in depth and beautiful the mind is. It encapsulates them in meditation. 💙

iPhone : My friend Will Burnett (aka @dj_speculator) recently launched an interview series called TALK VIDEO in conjunction with @thelotradio. I am honored to be the first person he chose to interview. Check it out here,…

#talkvideo #veronicavasicka #willburnett

iPhone : RA Tickets: 10/25 (Fri) C.E, TTT & Hinge Finger present at WWW X Joy Orbison、Low Jack、Will Bankhead、Lil Mofoら出演

Twitter Web App : the return of WABBIT TRAX, vol 2 out today !…

Twitter Web App : That bassline is my new addiction
♪♪ —- Delroy Edwards and Benedek aka Trackstars • Bonanza —- Full Ep (LIES-138 @Lies_News, Sept 2019)… #GroovyAsHell

Twitter Web App : New EP from Two Shell out now on Livity Sound. Stream in full over at bandcamp :…

iPhone : This is going to be my last month working for Yadastar, and in turn RBMA. Over the past few years we were able to work with an amazing array of people on a variety of different projects. Every day of October, Ill be highlighting one that felt particularly special.

Twitter Web App : ‘New Order - Order #298196-470 - The Loa Of Music (The Complete Sessions)’

Twitter Web App : Not a fan of concepts but this is class 👏👏

iPhone : This mx by mx silkman is bonkers, she’s literally the most overlooked dj in the country rn and those who are sleeping are misssinnggggggg…

Twitter Web App : Stefan Goldmann in conversation with Cory Arcangel, Robert Henke, Dimitar Kotev and many others about the world of preset audio: from synthesis to sample libraries, instrument emulations, gear cloning, automated composition & performance >>

iPhone : Had forgotten how much of the Old Testament is just God making repetitive but increasingly elaborate threats of violence

iPhone : Say people of color when you mean people of color and say Black when you mean Black, and remember that people of color as a phrase originates in Black discourse.


TweetDeck : Has there ever been an artist who so emotively captures the mood and texture of the seasons as Kate Bush?

Matthew Barton examines how Kate Bush made the perfect soundtrack to autumn as The Sensual World turns 30

Twitter Web App : PLACE HOLDER, my new installation at 21c Lexington, is open and on view 24/7 through the end of 2019. Performances coming in November and December.

Twitter Web App : 🚨 Attention people 🚨we have a new V/A on the way! ‘NH VOL. 3’ is the third instalment of our compilation series and it will be out November 15th.

Listen to the first track Tzusing & TSVI - 24hr:

Preorder on Bandcamp:

Twitter Web App : ICYMI peb released 2 lovely reflective resonant longbois a couple of weeks ago and they are the perfect soundtrack for being in a warm place watching the rain outside…

Twitter Web App : I really hate being called a lady. You dont see me going round referring to men as gentlemen - a term which is also laughable. Give it a rest.

Twitter Web App : [to myself in the mirror] just because we made eye contact doesnt mean i owe her anything
just because we made eye contact doesnt mean i owe her anything
just because we made eye contact doesnt mean i owe her anything
[turning to my cat] just because we made eye contact doesnt me

Twitter Web App : ⚠️ Low set of spring tides peaks today and combined with the rain of the past few days, levels from #Putney to #Teddington are likely to be high this afternoon.

Ive issued a Flood Alert, for the tidal #Thames for areas including #Chiswick, #Richmond, #Mortlake and #Twickenham.

Twitter Web App : Laurent Fintoni Hi Laurent! What the best email to contact you? Its about WaqWaq Kingdom (Kikis project with DJ Scotch Egg). Theres a new album out next month :)



Twitter Web App : David Abravanel Benjamin Damage put another way, fracturing the left and making them all hate one another is an effective republican strategy.. accept people you dont always agree with on your side, and dont refer to whole groups in such negative terms, otherwise youre just helping trump.

iPhone : Un pres polític és aquella persona presa no per haver comès un delicte tipificat, sinó perquè les seves idees suposen un desafiament al sistema polític establert.…

Twitter Web App : Recently had the pleasure of chatting with clocolan about his background, influences, and the themes that informed his new album It’s Not Too Early For Each Other. Check it out!…