One Angry Cranky Pissed Off Shadow Banned Bob (@BobA1959 )

One Angry Cranky Pissed Off Shadow Banned Bob

Bio I’m here to fight the orange mass and defend democracy. trump must go I speak my mind and I defend my resister friends. VOTE BLUE #IAmBob Democracy is ours
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iPhone : So tell me you’re fine with feeding trump more of democratic discord? That’s what my comment was about that’s been twisted to fit the narrative of those who accused me. But it’s ok to attack Pelosi as she was.…

iPhone : Yet the same people have no problem with her attacking Pelosi because they don’t support Pelosi seemingly. Take your hypocrisy and grow some tolerance and common sense. None of them male or female are exempt from criticism. And stop with with the repube crap and grow a spine now

iPhone : Twice today I’ve heard my comment about AOC is chauvinism and misogyny. She is not special nor is any male elected official. I go after Booker continually and not one word. So take this BS and you know what to do with it. I don’t care if they are male are female. She is divisive

iPhone : She’s not right to speak in the media fueling trump. And I saw you’re other comment inferring chauvinism and misogyny. Go join the other one and take it somewhere else. That’s truly insulting going with because she a female. Pathetic…