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Hootsuite Inc. : Millions of animals suffer and die in traps across the U.S. Take a stand against #trapping and support our work to end this brutal practice with our limited-edition #ShutYourTraps t-shirt! Order yours today at #SaturdaySale

Hootsuite Inc. : $20. Thats how much the life of an animal is worth to trappers. On #WorldAnimalDay, show what $20 can do to PROTECT #wildlife by donating to Born Free USA. Every donation helps educate, lobby for legislation, and aid #trapping victims. #ShutYourTraps

Hootsuite Inc. : Each year, millions of animals suffer and die in cruel traps. Enough is enough! Tell trappers to #ShutYourTraps with our anti-trapping t-shirt ( And, keep your eyes on our social media accounts for updates about legislation that will help stop trapping!

Hootsuite Inc. : #TrophyHunting is not a method of #WildlifeConservation and it does not bring vast wealth to places where hunts take place. It is a brutal, cruel activity perversely done in the name of "fun." #KillingIsNOTConservation #StopTrophyHunting

Twitter Web App : Neither the #lion nor the woman belongs in that enclosure. What this woman did is criminal and extremely dangerous, but the lion should be in the wild, not in captivity in close contact with humans. #KeepWildlifeInTheWild

Hootsuite Inc. : WORK WITH US: Born Free USA is seeking a Development Assistant at our office in Silver Spring, #Maryland! Find out more about the #job and how to apply here:

Hootsuite Inc. : Expanding opportunities to kill #wolves and #coyotes in #Ontario won't increase #moose populations. Born Free USA's Barry Kent MacKay explains why this is bad #wildlife policy in this latest blog. #WildlifeWednesday

Hootsuite Inc. : Ming, the "apartment #tiger" rescued from a tiny NYC apartment in 2003, has died. We are glad he lived out the rest of his life at a #wildlife sanctuary, but his story of captivity is emblematic of all that is wrong with the #exoticpet trade. RIP Ming.

Twitter Web App : Ron Jette Ron, we couldn't agree more - the point we are trying to make with this statistic is that trapper apologists will argue that it is a common practice and it's important to many people and that's why it must continue, when in reality it's a splinter of the U.S. population.

Hootsuite Inc. : The #WildlifeTrade is a multi-billion dollar business that harms individual animals and hurts #wildlife populations. Read this list of 6 key facts about this cruel trade. #StopWildlifeTrafficking

Hootsuite Inc. : #Trappers would have you believe that #trapping is common & that it is completely normal to allow an #animal to suffer for hours on end before killing the animal for its #fur. The truth is only one in every 2,000 people in the United States is a trapper.

iPhone : In 1989, Kenya’s Meru National Park lost all of its rhinos due to poaching.

But just over a decade later, they were reintroduced and today their numbers are increasing. Meru’s rhino sanctuary, managed by Kenya Wildlife Service, now holds over one hundred! #WorldRhinoDay #Rhino

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TweetDeck : #TonytheTiger lived & died at #TigerTruckStop, but wasn't the only wild animal imprisoned there. Another inmate, Caspar the #Camel, was harassed & attacked by visitors. This story perfectly illustrates dangers & cruelty of captivity. #KeepWildlifeInTheWild

Hootsuite Inc. : Be the first the find out about Born Free USA #events, as well as #wildlife news and ways to take action for #animals, by joining our email list at

Hootsuite Inc. : We had a great time at a #NightForWildlife in #NYC! Warmest thanks to everyone who donated, attended, bid, and volunteered, and to Charles Siebert, winner of our #WildlifeAmbassador Award. Special thanks, too, to our #event sponsor, Energy Everywhere (

Hootsuite Inc. : Habitat loss, species on the brink of extinction, wild #animals shot, trapped, abused. The natural world is under assault. But, with you, Born Free USA can turn it round. Protect, rescue & conserve: this is what we do. This is our mission. - Will Travers OBE #NightForWildlife

Hootsuite Inc. : Born Free USA is honored to present our #WildlifeAmbassador award to author, poet, journalist, essayist & contributing writer for NYT Magazine, Charles Siebert, for his work exposing the cruelty of keeping #elephants in captivity. #NightForWildlife

Hootsuite Inc. : Animals must not be owned by us; they must have their own natural space. - Virginia McKenna OBE, Born Free Co-founder and star of the iconic Born Free film. RT to join Born Free USA in celebrating a #NightForWildlife!

Hootsuite Inc. : Our #NightForWildlife in #NYC is happening TONIGHT but there is still time to join us! Come to our party for a purpose to support our critical programs to protect wild #animals and save threatened #wildlife. Get your tickets at