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Bio Dutch-Moroccan Senior Digital Producer that likes making good things with good people, for good causes. @AJEnglish Facebook Lead - Al Jazeera Media Network.
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iPhone : The selflessness of Robert F. Smith's act aside - the idea that a billionaire can clear $40 million of student debt is EXACTLY what's wrong with the US system.

Twitter Web Client : Can food be racist - Or is it just us? How has colonialism shaped the food we eat? What does our food say about us?

If you’re hungry for answers, join joi & HyoJin Park in their upcoming series, #ForkTheSystem for Al Jazeera English -…

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iPhone : Don't take anything for granted. You never know when you'll have it for the last time. Life is a precious gift, cherish every moment while you can. It’s truly such a blessing to be alive & to be able to impact the lives of others. You’ll never know whose life you’re touching.

Twitter Web Client : THREAD

#OnThisDay 71 years ago, the Nakba took place in Palestine in which 750,000 Palestinians were forcefully displaced from their homes.

But the Nakba didn’t end in 1948. It continues to affect more than 12 million Palestinians who remain stateless today. #Nakba71

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Twitter Web Client : This #Ramadan do not forget the oppressed. Remember those who get arrested for simply observing fast and practising their faith such as #China's Muslim minority, the #Uighurs. As of today, up to 1 million Uighur Muslims are held in secret internment camps

iPhone : This beautiful boy can’t contain his happiness after getting his artificial limb in ICRC Afghanistan Orthopedic center. He had lost one of his legs in a landmine. May he continue to smile throughout his life.

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Twitter Web Client : If you think you're the only one serving the Almighty or doing good, think again. Your effort may be significant but it’s not the only method of good. Millions are doing good work. Don't belittle their efforts. Don't abuse them. Support them. The Almighty uses whoever He wishes.

iPhone : “Driver plowed into pedestrians because he thought they were Muslims”. The driver is an Iraq war veteran who on his was to a Bible class. (Can you imagine the media response if it had been Muslim terrorist on his way to a *Quran* class?)…

Twitter Web Client : Real hero ⬇️

Stanley Motanya Okinyi, a Kenyan bus driver, has made it his mission to ensure children with disabilities get to school every day.

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Twitter Web Client : Leuk in elkaar getimmerd. Maar christendom valt of staat heus niet met gebouwen. Onze beschaving is alive and kicking daarom zoeken zovelen ook naar diezelfde vrijheid en het respect voor mensenrechten (Algerije, Soedan bijv), en vluchtten anderen naar ons toe (Syriers bijv).…