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SocialFlow : GOP Rep. Roby: Distractions in Democrat-led U.S. House ‘Unbelievable,’ Fixing Immigration Begins with Securing the Border

SocialFlow : With the collapse of the Left's failed Russia Collusion Hoax, the far-Left New York Times now plans to pivot to churning out stories on race.

"...racism is in everything..."

SocialFlow : A migrant who arrived in the country as an asylum seeker four years ago was jailed for murdering a young woman who refused his sexual advances.

SocialFlow : South African Bishop Sithembele Sipuka has denounced the epidemic of violence against albinos, calling on the African church to employ all its resources to bring the practice to an end.

SocialFlow : " egregious that it is clear she either never read the articles she cites; did not understand them; or—worst of all—read them, understood them, and misconstrued them."

SocialFlow : Bill Maher would rather see working class Americans suffer through a recession than see Donald Trump get reelected.

So he's rooting of a recession.

SocialFlow : NOLTE: "The poem does not mean, Give me your tired and poor, so working American taxpayers can subsidize a bunch of lazy non-citizens.' Actually, the poem means the exact opposite...."

SocialFlow : President Trump’s support among Hispanic voters has remained solid and a record total of black Americans now support him.