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Android : This is incredibly important to me

David Trimble - Nobel Prize winner and one of the key architects of the Good Friday Agreement - is fully behind the PM’s deal

Android : Piers Morgan She & Harry could always give up their privalleged lifestyle paid for by the British taxpayers & go & live a normal life like the rest of us. The press will soon stop.

Android : The best way to avoid the media spotlight is definitely to make a self-promotional TV documentary in which you moan about attention. Smart move, Meghan.…

Android : Not forgetting the constituents who voted to leave. Labour MPs are beholding to them not some old Marxist who doesn't have a clue.…

Android : Latimer Alder Agree. It's definitely a compromise & not what I wanted (clean Brexit') but we have to be realistic. The country needs to move on from Brexit' so will can start to heal the divisions & #DrainTheSwamp. There will still be an opportunity to leave on WTO if we can't agree an FTA

Android : After 3 years of time-wasting on #Brexit Labour MP Chris Bryant just demanded in parliament that the taxpayer pay Child-Care expenses to MPs called in to just the 3rd Saturday sitting in 70 years. In one intervention he summed up the entitled other-worldliness of this parliament

Android : Self-serving, self-interest only - never mind the interests of the country. #DrainTheSwamp…

Android : All the Benn Act does is oblige the PM to request an extension if he has not got his deal approved by the end of tomorrow. On its own an extension request cannot stop a No Deal Brexit on 31 Oct. The only certain way to stop No Deal is to vote for the deal.…

Android : Well that makes the deal more palatable. It's far from the deal that most Brexiteers wanted (clean break) & it's definitely a compromise but it's a clear step in the right direction & the fact that we can leave on WTO later on makes it that much more acceptable. Let's do it.…

Android : You know, The most exciting time with all this brexit bollicks won't be tomorrow or even the 31st! It will be at the GE when were all sitting in front of the box and we see the results come in! The loss of seats will be on a scale never seen before in the history of Great Briton?

Android : The judicial system is just not fit for purpose. The public mood is for tougher sentences.…