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iPhone : AKA Donald J. Trump We have to pick only one? I’m an elected official and at the municipal level we would never tolerate this kind of grandstanding. Shame on those GOP jerks; kudos to Bill Taylor and George Kent for giving such good, informed testimony.

Twitter Web App : People - and especially politicians - must begin to understand that any abuse of the public trust bears consequences. #GOPCorruption…

Twitter Web App : Brian Caskey Parents have been complaining for MONTHS that his incessant emails purporting to show "communication" were more like campaign materials. He denied it repeatedly. He's bad for NC and a disaster for education. Tell him NO to the Lieutenant Governor position. #ncae #ncga #ncpol

Twitter Web App : Democrats only need to FLIP FOUR SEATS in the NC Senate in order to take control.

Help me FLIP one of those FOUR seats. Your donation of $4 will send a signal that you are sick of the status quo and that you are demanding change in the NC legislature.

iPhone : So Mark Johnson, after wrecking our public schools, has decided to run for Lieutenant Governor.

He’s seen “how bad state government can be” and he will fight “the deep state in state bureaucracy.”

Is he for real? State government is “bad” BECAUSE of him! #ncae #ncga #ncpol

iPhone : I appreciate Brian Caskey for walking out on the hate speech of Grady Hawkins. Brian has spent the last 20 years honoring my father, a Purple Heart recipient shot in Lebanon. #caskeyforncsenate…

iPhone : Brian Caskey Thank you, Brian for joining the others in temporarily walking out on such garbage. The trump takeover of the GOP is nearly complete and only Patriots stand in their way. I am sorry #Veterans had to hear such lies today of all days. 💙🇺🇸💪🌊

iPhone : Brian Caskey The GOP is really full of themselves right now & feel they must constantly sell their disinformation narrative.

I am glad you & others stood up & showed them you will not take this garbage from them!

It is sad many of us even get their lectures at work. They know no boundaries!

iPhone : Today we honor the men and women who have served our country’s military, in times of war and in times of peace. Let us all remember their sacrifices, as we enjoy the freedoms enshrined in our Constitution and protected by generations of veterans. Happy Veterans Day! #ncga

iPhone : Today, we honor our country’s veterans and their service. This is my great-grandfather Gustave, in a photo taken in the Philippines around 1901. He was a trumpeter in K Troop, 3rd Cavalry, 8th Corps, United States Army.

iPhone : Here’s a quick video primer on Dillon’s Rule and why it’s important to elect state legislators who share your values (it’s because they can tell your town what to do, y’all). #ncga #ncpol…

iPhone : I returned after Commissioner Hawkins had finished his hate-filled diatribe and participated in the rest of the service. But if fear-mongering over ‘socialism’ and the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ is the best the Republicans have, look for Carolina to turn very, very blue in 2020.

iPhone : I stood - along with a dozen or more veterans - and walked out. In a time when our veterans are disrespected and North Carolinians witness corruption and tyranny at all levels of our government, hearing this kind of partisan rhetoric was inappropriate and disgusting.

iPhone : Commissioner Grady Hawkins - a Republican - gave a keynote address at the dedication of a memorial to US veterans today in which he claimed that America did not have overseas enemies anymore, but should be concerned about ‘internal threats’ like socialism and radical Islam.