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iPhone : If you need a license to drive a car, you should need a license to buy and possess a gun. Some states are doing this already—and it saves lives.

iPhone : Cows have similar emotional range as dogs. They display boldness, shyness, fearfulness and even playfulness.

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iPhone : This racist woman wrecked another womans car and drove away, after making racist remarks.

Retweet so that we can identify her! 🤬

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iPhone : STRANGER: I’m a big fan of Kristin—

ME: She’s the absolute best. A reality TV legend. I’ll never forget when she told Diana to suck a d—

STRANGER: ...Chenoweth.


iPhone : "Do you have a magic spell to return someone to life?" she said.

"No," the witch said, "I'm sorry."


"Why don't you tell me about them?"

"Will that bring them back?"

"For us. For a little while. Stories are a different kind of magic."