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Twitter Web Client : Do you even lift bro?

Do I even lift??? Yeah bro I lift. I lift your fucking spirits up. How have you been? Everything ok? I miss you. Let’s grab lunch sometime.

Twitter Web Client : Ariana Grande is not responsible for Mac Miller’s death. Ariana Grande is not responsible for Pete Davidson’s depression. Women are not rehabilitation centers for struggling men. Stop attacking them for choosing to exit relationships.

Twitter Lite : I hate when twitter activists use inaccessible language. like dude, no one fucking knows what you’re saying. we get it, you think you’re smart. but if your activism isn’t accessible, what good is it doing besides inflating your ego?

Twitter Web Client : Teachers! Parents!

It is legal and perfectly welcome to email scientists asking for a PDF of their paper.

Until all papers are free, please RT to make this more widely known. And fyi, scientists don't get the $$ from sales of papers so all it costs us is 1 minute of time!…

Twitter Lite : do you think schools should allow students to have mental health days?

retweet for yes, fav for no(this is for a research project)

Twitter Lite : The disconnect between canon Jesus and fandom Jesus is still so funny to me

Canon Jesus: anti establishment, anti-capitalist, will wash a sex-worker’s feet he dgaf

Fandom Jesus: cries every time someone gets an abortion, gun advocate, will stab a gay man in the throat

Twitter Lite : gimli: never thought i'd die fighting side by side with an elf
legolas: what about side by side with a friend ?

Twitter Lite : we really survived through that era where every new song would get an alvin and the chipmunks remix

Twitter Lite : I was falsely accused by a white coworker that I shoved her in the parking lot and my job chose to believe her and I was wrongfully terminated. I’m thinking about suing but have limited funds. Any lawyers/HR personals that could give me advice? What are my chances of winning?

Twitter Lite : Maybe, you’ve noticed that I’ve used indigenous names in maps I made. I intentionally do that.

My country, the Philippines: we didn’t even had the chance to choose how we’re called. We’re named after some Spanish king who thought his empire owned whatever land they “discovered”.

Twitter Lite : see Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse please. We need this movie to be financially successful so it teaches Hollywood that putting effort into animated movies pays off, instead of just shoving them out of assembly lines.

plus it’s amazing lol

Twitter Lite : “For real, everything I do is art!”

“Literally, everything I do!!!”

-shouted by my four-year-old on the way to preschool