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IFTTT : Long article but well worth the read. One of the great conceptual artworks of the 21st century. Absolutely spiffing. Guy Dubord would have loved it!

IFTTT : 'McCormick and Calhoun’s photography attests that, though slavery was officially outlawed in 1865, its de facto continuation remains a repulsive American secret.'

IFTTT : “It’s true relaxation for the ultra-wealthy,” he said. “They can come out here, they know there are armed guards outside. The kids can run around.”

IFTTT : Why people should probably never be judged on one trait alone. Disclaimer: There may be exceptions, but this isn't one.

IFTTT : Sad old Auntie Beeb. 'The lack of respect [by BBC Senior Management] is reciprocated by the journalists, who in time often absorb much of the caution and lack of ambition imbued in them by the prevailing atmosphere.'