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Bio The Bruges Group spearheads the intellectual battle against the notion of ever–closer Union in Europe. Retweets are not necessarily an endorsement of our views.
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Twitter Web App : Well worth watching.. If only we can avoid the Conservatives EU Treaty 'deal' and do a standard FTA..…

iPhone : MUST SHARE!

Should make blood run cold

Heartbreakingly it confirms everything FFLs said is right

We've surrendered to being lined up for permenant CFP associate membership

Conservatives must scrap the Political Declaration on fishing or be Heath Mak2…

Twitter Web App : Andrew Marr: “could we leave without a deal” at the end of transition?

Dominic Raab: “No. It’s not remotely likely.”

The new Tory government will give EU a free hand to plunder UK fisheries & impose level playing field rules on its U.K. colony at end of transition.


Twitter Web App : .Boris Johnson said trading fishing as part of a wider deal would be "reprehensible"

His dire deal does just that!

Article 130 & 184 obliging us to reach agreement on fisheries pushing towards CFP "associate" membership

We need a clean break #Brexit…

Twitter Web App : • Autonomous submarines
• Space interceptors
• Air attack systems
👆 New EU military integration programmes announced this week.
May Deal would’ve put us in,
Boris Deal still a risk.
Yet MPs and media REFUSE to discuss them.
US angry over NATO overlaps.…

Twitter Web App : Can you help with My Campaign to win in Mole Valley so we Can Deliver Democracy?

Please message me via the Great Brexit Debate

And Retweet this clip. Thankyou!

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Twitter Web App : Conservative polling by age:

18-24: 16%
25-49: 31%
50-64: 47%
65+: 64%

Labour polling by age:

18-24: 49%
25-49: 38%
50-64: 19%
65+: 14%

YouGov/Sky/The Times 11-12 Nov

Twitter Web App : Shares in BT have dropped nearly 4% on opening, following the Labour Party's announcement that it would nationalise broadband if it wins the General Election.

Twitter Web App : Trying to deliver a Canada style deal when the UK would be obliged to deliver the PD and refusing to extend the transition in order to try to get a deal would all be breaches of the WA. I bet that, if the WA is executed, we will be in transition beyond 2020. Are you on? How much?…

Twitter Web App : Let’s put the interests of the British people first.

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iPhone : Good news we are not fighting Brexit party in seats we won last time. Brexit party have made a good call on that . We both want to leave by December next year. Both want to base the future on a Free trade agreement.

iPhone : Am struggling to feel much sympathy for griping BXP candidates angry at being stood down. If you've willingly signed up to an absolute monarchy then it is silly to start slagging off the decisions of the king.

iPhone : The Brexit Party won't withdraw more candidates. To all those who are pushing for more concessions, I am sure you are wasting your breath. My strong sense is that the party feels it's done enough - in return for nothing whatsoever from the Tories!