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Twitter for iPad : The WI GOP wants to purge 234,000 from voter rolls contending that they have likely moved.

The problem? Younger & lower income voters are more likely to be flagged as movers. And they also happen to be more likely to vote Dem.

Check your registration.…

Twitter for iPad : If you need a wee break from Sondland, Kellyanne Conway, John Dowd, and the #impeachmenthearings, take a moment to listen to some fun (and gross) facts about Roger Stone! Hes on trial this week, so Anne Leigh 🍑 put together a timeline. FULL EPISODE:▶️…

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Twitter for iPad : Too many of us have stopped counting. Our nation is sick. We are failing her and our children miserably. #GunReform #GunOwnerForGunReform #SaugusShooting…

Twitter for iPad : When you have to redraw a district to get elected you are not worthy of the office.…

Twitter for iPad : #Impeachment Update: Second official confirms Trump’s call with Gordon Sondland as evidence for latest bombshell grows.

#ImpeachmentTaskForce #OneVoice1 #DemCast #ImpeachmentHearings…

Twitter for iPad : It’s striking that the same reporters who gave us months of breathless headlines about Hillary Clinton’s emails can barely be bothered to acknowledge the 900+ emails documenting Stephen Miller’s successful effort to codify white nationalism into law.

Twitter for iPad : As I have said many times: Fox News is the most dangerous threat to America ever. “Democracy dies in darkness.”

#ThursdayMotivation #ImpeachmentHearings…

iPhone : Has anyone really listened and I mean really listened to Kellyanne Conway?

If not, here is a video. Please watch and DO NOT #RETWEET. This would only piss her off

Ruff Ruff

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Twitter for iPad : Trump claims Ivanka “created 14 million jobs” and “that’s all she wants to talk about.”

Clearly he’s lying. How many jobs did Ivanka REALLY create?

Twitter for iPad : Devin Nunes said stop retweeting

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Twitter for iPad : Republicans once again tried to obfuscate; spewed debunked conspiracy theories; attacked another US Army officer, West Point graduate, Vietnam Bronze Star veteran; and forgot Amb. Taylor took an oath to defend the Constitution from ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic.