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iPhone : Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani was killed in an airstrike last night and Buck Sexton says Donald J. Trump has sent a message to every terrorist:

“If you are a leader who orders the murder of US soldiers… we will find you, and we will kill you.”

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Twitter Web App : As the liberal media chases its own tail today after we killed a terrorist, remember you have another choice. You can watch me every day on @thefirstontv: pluto.tv/live-tv/the-fi….

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iPhone : Notification would be merely a courtesy- one that Democrats who have spent 3 years lying about Trump as a traitor and who are now actively trying to remove him from office do not deserve twitter.com/CNNPolitics/st…

iPhone : All the hysterics about “this is war” and “Iran will hit us back much harder” miss a fundamental point-

Iran is a terrorist regime, not a non-state terror group. If they escalate against us, we can pick and choose devastating retaliation at will.

Simply put: Iran can’t hide.

iPhone : Trump could have waited until Soleimani sent a dump truck packed with explosives into a US embassy or military installation, or had a Shia militia capture, torture and murder US personnel- but instead he decided to take action.

If Iran escalates, so will our response.

iPhone : We can all debate whether strikes on terrorist leadership have a deterrent effect, or if the long term consequences are worth the short term tactical gain-

But the calculation of our enemies should always be: if they kill Americans, we will kill them

They have been reminded.

iPhone : Critics of the strike on Suleimani were willing to accept continued plotting by a foreign military and intelligence officer who directed hundreds of assassinations of American soldiers with total impunity in a theater of declared hostilities

Trump was not.

iPhone : Yes, Trump needs “distraction” from all the record low unemployment, record high stock market, rising wages, and a foreign policy that isn’t built on the absurd worldview that America should go around bowing and apologizing all the time twitter.com/IlhanMN/status…

iPhone : Even more apparent this morning that many prominent Democrats and former White House officials aren’t really upset about the threat of escalation or even war-

But that Trump’s decisive action is strong repudiation of Obama’s maniacal appeasement policy toward Iran

iPhone : You will see endless speculation on tv today, most of it from people who know very little of Iraq or of war.

Nobody really knows what is coming next. The range of options is vast in time and scope.

We are wise to be vigilant and prepared.

Beyond that, we have to wait.

iPhone : Erick Erickson There is no good action, the dialogue is stupid, the timeline impossible to follow, acting is atrocious, jokes super corny.

I hate watched it too. I couldn’t believe how bad it was, given the subject matter and rich source material.

iPhone : Erick Erickson Thank you! It is horrifically bad, an abject embarrassment for all involved.

People on twitter got mad at me for saying this, I was just speaking truth and trying to save them 8 hours wasted

iPhone : Since we know that Biden has been reliably wrong on every major foreign policy decision of the last 40 years, his opposition to the Soleimani strike should be taken as a huge data point in favor of it twitter.com/natashakorecki…

iPhone : What’s really amazing is that we had been told to accept for so long that the head of IRGC Quds was able to direct operations to maim and kill US soldiers with absolute impunity, because he was backed by the... might of Iran?

We need a new “foreign policy intelligentsia”