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iPhone : Go Laura Loomer!

In a huge procedural win for Laura Loomer, the D.C. Court of Appeals has agreed to hear the merits of her lawsuit against Google.

Every Conservative should be standing up and cheering for Laura to win this lawsuit!… #WednesdayWisdom

iPhone : "Crossfire Hurricane" was just the tip of the iceberg.

focus on GCHQ and HAMMER.

MUCH more important than the FBI Crossfire Hurricane SpyOp.

iPhone : Don Lemon Just Got AWFUL NEWS Concerning His Recent Sexual Assault Allegations

Raise your hand if you want Don Lemon FIRED!


iPhone : Democratic Party Chair, Tom Perez will be traveling to Mexico next month to hold 3 fundraisers for the party.

And there it is. Foreign interference in our elections by Democrats... again.

iPhone : #SayNoToRacism is trending so I would like to say i condemn & denounce the following Racist.

Rashida Talib
Ilhan Omar
My Electric Bill
Hillary Clinton
Nancy Pelosi
Al Sharpton
Planned Parenthood
The Party of the KKK aka Democrats

Who did I miss ?

iPhone : FINALLY! Athletes representing America who politicized their OWN causes are punished!

Two U.S. athletes received a year of probation by U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Committee for staging protests while on the podium at Pan American Games earlier this month…

iPhone : Did you know:

The FBI Claims They Didn’t Investigate the Seth Rich murder but the NSA Claims They Can’t Disclose The Seth Rich Murder Files Due to Matter of National Security...


iPhone : Dear white people:

It’s ok to be white.

Don’t ever be shamed into thinking that you are the enemy. Don’t let the media bully and persecute you.

I was never a slave and you were never slave owners.

We’re all Americans - free Americans!

iPhone : American youngsters support our President
8th graders on their way to DC for their class trip. Censored by Fake News

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iPhone : ‼Announcement‼

I’m proud to announce my FIRST- very own radio show with KTAR News 92.3

I will be live on Air every Saturday at 6 pm starting Sep. 7 in Phx AZ!

The show will be syndicated & available everywhere through podcast.

KTAR app available in App Store for Apple & Android.

iPhone : WATCH: Major Trump sign in central Copenhagen, Denmark ahead of President Trump’s possible visit in September:

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iPhone : The photo of a young boy who became a serial sexual predator. Now, 73, he has never been held accountable for his many sexual assaults and rape. No Happy Birthday from me... as I said to his face in 1991, “You can go to hell”.…

iPhone : Morning, Patriots!
This is likely the best thing you might see all day.


iPhone : I was walking home on a hot Summer night in July..

I was shot multiple times today n the Torso..

I still had my..





👉Credit Cards


🤔They said it was a botched robbery..

💡You know me as Russia..

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