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iPhone : "The reveal in Catch and Kill is not that there are corrupt people; it’s that corrupt people are in control of our media, politics, and entertainment and that, in fact, many of them remain in control.." thecut.com/2019/10/ronan-…

iPhone : elan gale When I was in college there was a donut place next to LAX on the el segundo side that was 24 hrs but the fresh donuts came out between 2-3am and we would drive over there and get them at LEAST once a week(3X🤷‍♀️) It was the best. Also I weighed like 20 pounds more than I do now.

iPhone : God, this explains so much. I remember this well. Specifically, I started as Head of Video across Vox Media in late 2016 and had FB video growth as a major focus. Vox is very good about diversifying across platforms but at the time FB vid was big part of growth strategy. (1/?) twitter.com/profgalloway/s…

iPhone : The viewership metrics were inflated by 150 to 900%. Whole companies shifted their strategy to video. Companies going bankrupt, people losing jobs, FB gets away with 0.18% of annual income ($40M / $22B), a slap on the wrist.


iPhone : May your ancestors embrace you and lift you up, Dear Sister. Please help guide our rage and our tears towards justice for you - and justice for all. #AtatianaJefferson

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iPhone : My former employer CollegeHumor did this. In order to beat YouTube, Facebook faked incredible viewership numbers, so CH pivoted to FB. So did Funny or Die, many others. The result: A once-thriving online comedy industry was decimated. A $40m fine is laughable; shut Facebook down. twitter.com/profgalloway/s…

iPhone : #SayHerName #AtatianaJefferson was murdered by a white police officer in the safety of her home. We refuse to glaze over the fact that white supremacy deems Black people as a “perceived threat” in this country. Racism is lethal. cbsnews.com/news/police-of…

iPhone : I kick off most Saturday mornings by watching spidermanintothespiderverse at 7am with a child and then I am spiderman for the rest of the day in everything I do, not outwardly, but on an energetic level. I don't even always want to be, it just happens.

iPhone : Today I accomplished a lot but I guess I'm most proud that I killed a giant spider with a bar of soap. (Don't come at me, spider people- that spider was very scary and I couldn't handle moving it outside)

iPhone : Returned a library book as Elizabeth Warren today

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iPhone : BIG news... Today World Central Kitchen served our 1 Millionth Meal in Bahamas thanks to many, many hands...Chefs, volunteers, businesses, partners + YOU. A moment to celebrate & then get back to work! Still lots to do as we go from relief “phase” to communities rebuilding. #ChefsForBahamas

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iPhone : Okay, @tophergrace gets it, it’s pretty clear he played Oliver...don’t miss him and @busyphilipps trying out a bunch of different accents on #MinorAdventures, live now! Apple.co/Topher

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