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Twitter Web App : Nice black Mercedes about to be towed from lobby of Trump Plaza in New Rochelle, Westchester County. Police say crash appears to be accidental, but they are investigating ⁦CBS New York

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iPhone : Two of my favorite people on the planet. 🤗

16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg met with Barack Obama in D.C. today.

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iPhone : Trump responds to Journalist Cokie Roberts' death by complaining she 'never treated me well'

Imagine what people will say when he kicks the bucket...…

iPhone : “It’s a sin, it’s an abomination, you need to realize, wake up, and see it for a sin,” the pastor told the gay man, as 12-15 church members forcibly held him down and prayed over him.



iPhone : My policy decisions and my appointments to the bench will reflect the fact that I trust women to make their own decisions about their health. Thank you Cecile Richards and @Supermajority for leading the way to empower women in America.

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iPhone : It was a busy news day but I dont want to let this one go from last night.

Who do you like more, the country or the Hispanics?- Racist in Chief.

Keep your eye on the ball, people. This is what were voting against in Nov 2020.

Video via Matt Rogers 🎙

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iPhone : States are cancelling their GOP primaries.


This is not a drill. This is what tyrannical governments do.

This is a slow and steady destruction of Democracy.

We fight back now, or forever be forced to hold our peace.

iPhone : 🎶🎵🎶🎵
Another one bites the dust
Another one bites the dust
And another one gone, and another one gone
Another one bites the dust…

iPhone : Consultant Attorney to the House Barry Berke needs to handle all the questioning from here on out-the room gasped when he got Lewandowski to admit he is under no obligation to tell the truth unless hes sworn under oath and can be held criminally liable for lying.

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iPhone : As I mentioned, Lewandowski might as well have invoked the “Disneyland privilege” which has as much credibility/validity as a claim of executive privilege.…

iPhone : Legalizing marijuana isnt enough. We also need to make sure those most impacted by the War on Drugs have a chance to benefit from this growing industry. Thanks to everyone at Equity First Alliance and Cage-Free Cannabis in L.A. for sharing their stories with me today.

iPhone : By failing to act on gun violence, we are traumatizing an entire generation. Just watch.

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iPhone : Think about this for a minute: Gun violence kills 100 Americans every day, 40,000 every year. Countless others are injured. But one man hasn’t allowed a vote on lifesaving legislation because he cares more about protecting his base than protecting the public. #EndGunViolence…

iPhone : Clearwater, Florida's Republican mayor has urged City Council members to support a resolution calling on Congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

"I've gone to church, I've prayed," he said. "My prayers aren’t working."…