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Android : Tom Fitton is a class act podcaster. Here he talks about the similarities between #WhistleblowerGate and #FISAgate: create phony intel, and then utilize the traitor network in the media to bolster claims with #fakenews to push a false narrative. #BUSTED

Android : We will keep America safe, we will keep America strong, and we will keep America proud, so that our children and their children will forever and always be free. 🇺🇸

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Android : Before Dems headed home to mingle with forgotten ppl who sent them to DC, they passed bill to fast-track an electronic medical records system for illegal immigrants but voted down a GOP plan to provide same for veterans, who have to wait 10 yrs for it.…

Android : Must be a Springer Spaniel

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Android : That's why many people are saying that the House will never vote on impeachment. Dems will spend months holding hearings on impeachment without actually doing anything but spreading propaganda. Passing impeachment allows Trump to introduce the tons of evidence against them.…

Android : And your leader so far: Browning, MT with FOUR FEET of #snow as of 4:30 PM MT and its still snowing. 📹 from Mina Kipp whose husband dives and disappears is 64. Thats some serious drifting!

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Android : Plows were out on Sunday, but strong wind gusts blew snow across Highway 2 between Essex and East Glacier. Weather conditions shut down the stretch of Highway 2 between East Glacier and Browning.…

Android : #mtwx almost 10:00 a.m. update at my home near Fairfield, MT. That greenhouse is 9 feet high!

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Android : Snow drifts are really starting to pile up from this RARE Major Winter Storm here in Cut Bank, Montana. #mtwx #montana #snow MyRadar Weather

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Android : The first big snowstorm of the season blasted the northern Rockies over the weekend, an early season storm that unloaded up to 3-4 feet of snow in spots, caused near-blizzard conditions and set several new daily snowfall records across Montana:

Android : Montana Gov. Steve Bullock declared a "winter storm emergency" on Sunday after the state was struck by more than 3 feet of heavy, wet snow; storm watches and warnings were posted across the region

Android : If you study black abortion rates, illiteracy rates, & father absence rates you will realize this:

The white supremacist dream— uneducated ‘negroes’ who don’t procreate and work to enrich white liberals —is being quietly executed again by the Democrat Party.


Android : Great news! Apple announced that it is building its new Mac Pro in Texas. This means hundreds of American jobs in Austin and for suppliers across the Country. Congratulations to the Apple team and their workers!…

Android : 111,000 impressions in 5 days. The message is getting out there, we're seeding the resources that will be needed as #TheStorm hits. Classic "Plan to save the world" vid from Joe M remains the single most powerful "red pill" I have yet encountered.…