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Bio Every Thursday night, music, creatures and cocktails come together for NightLife at the California Academy of Sciences. 6 - 10 pm. 21+.
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Twitter Web Client : Not messing around: this adult female blanket octopus, which waves its dramatic skirt-like membrane around to scare away predators. Power move: *Detaching* part of the membrane to send it spiraling through the water. (Photo: Jinggong Zhang, Aquatic Life Finalist, BigPicture)

Twitter Web Client : Want to take a photo of the birth of a giant star? Thats inside a super dense celestial cloud? Youll probably need SOFIAtelescope, an airborne lab inside a Boeing 747SP jetliner thats outfitted with a super powerful telescope and infrared camera:

Twitter Web Client : Wherein the simplest of materials—string—is used to explore the beauty and complexity of cosmic matter: Artists Przemek Podolski & Marta Basandowska are orbiting the same questions as we are at NightLife in Space this Thurs. More via Colossal:

Falcon Social Media Management : ATTN: Fierce mom uses fabulous thorn-shaped headdress for shielding her young, intimidating would-be predators—and us, for that matter. The A. grossa treehopper, everyone: (📷: Lucas Bustamante via bioGraphic)

Falcon Social Media Management : A little sparkle for your morning, courtesy of six leaf chafers of varying shades and one golden scarab. Their shiny green-gold forewings conceal a pair of much larger thin wings that make flight possible. Get a magnified look at their shiny beetle bodies:

Falcon Social Media Management : The overachievers at NASA Ames keep finding exoplanets. This time, its a third planet in the Kepler-47 system, which astronomers are calling the most interesting of the binary-star worlds. (PS Ask them about it tonight at #NightLifeInSpace!)

Falcon Social Media Management : Our Burmese vine snakes are small, quick, & blend easily into their leafy habitat—but take a moment to watch them the next time youre in the aquarium. If youre lucky, itll be feeding time—and the fishing prowess of these snakes will blow your mind. (📷: Kat Whitney)

Falcon Social Media Management : A simulated Martian base, Mars Base 1, has just opened in the Gobi Desert. More sci-fi than scientific, with the goal of inspiring students, the complex also includes this oh-so-mysterious monolith:

Falcon Social Media Management : Were Back! A Dinosaurs Story (1993) Dir. by Simon Wells, Phil Nibbelink, Ralph Zondag

Well, Were Extending Our Stay! is less catchy. Animatronic dinos are now here through May 27 (Tiny NightLife on NightLife time).

Falcon Social Media Management : Just look at that beautifully pebbled chameleon skin. Some stunning images of Madagascars reptiles and amphibians from photographer Ben Simon Rehn: