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Twitter Web App : So - how much motor traffic has actually disappeared in London?…

Twitter Web App : Mr D Johns Ellie Clark I would defer to your mother as she's a professional. What I heard was from someone who was sure of herself, but didn't have any official qualifications.

Twitter Web App : Michael Hutchinson You're right to comment on this Michael - as some others like Daniel Finkelstein have done. A big reason for the pointing at those who (actually or supposedly) are not is the desire to find out-groups to demonise - especially the press.


Twitter Web App : Ellie Clark I was told that it's important to brush your teeth after eating fresh pineapple (at the end of the meal) as the acid can eat away at the enamel of your teeth if left there.

Twitter Web App : How The Times got it wrong (from about 2.30 in).
It really has become a dreadfully anti-cycling and anti-cyclist "newspaper".
Well done to the lady who happened to photograph what was actually happening at the time!

Twitter Web App : Do see this thread re- Air Quality in SE England. It's not just "our" motor traffic that causes severe problems for people with respiratory problems. Noxious emissions can come from other sources and other countries.…

Twitter Web App : MRC Epidemiology Unit Similar to my post here (although I didn't consider gender)…. It can be expanded further - I considered how pedestrians may watch out less for cyclists and motorcyclists to explain the particularly high level of involvement of m'cyclists and cyclists